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    Mali Korsten

    Hi guys!

    Just had a follow-up appointment with Matt, and my new assignment is to increase sugar intake to 400g per day for the next few weeks! I really DON’T have a sweet tooth, so this is going to be a challenge. As such, I was wondering if y’all had any suggestions for easy ways to consume a lot of sugar (preferably low-starch and grain-free). Matt suggested dates, so they’re on my shopping list (along with lots of other dried fruit).

    Any other ideas?



    Do you eat/drink dairy?if so maybe make your own chocolate milk with raw cane sugar or other sweetener. Eat yoghurt with honey or maple syrup.

    I also heard maple syrup sometimes being used to glaze rootveggies and roast them,never had that though.
    You can roast or grill various fruits.
    You migth like blackstrap molasses,since you mention not having a sweet tooth,tastes more salty.

    While browsing for recipes myself,i came across this recipe to make fruitbars from dried fruit at’show=13316#q13316

    As for dates,i like the medjool dates the best,but the deglet nour(yhese are the dried dates) lend themselves for this easy recipe:

    You put dates in blender along with some shredded coconut and if you want more smoothness add some coconutcream/butter as well. Blend it up and roll little balls of them or you also make bars of them,whatever you like.

    If you can get them,really ripened plantains you can fry with some cinnamon.
    What i always do is buy bananas,put them in the oven,skin and all,on i think about 180F and take them out when skin is entirely black,carefully take of the skin and mesh them with a fork and some cinnamon&cayennepepper,it becomes this nice warm puree-like consistency. Or when i dont feel like cinnamon,i mesh the bananas and top the puree with lots of finely grated peccorino,but. I suppose parmesan would work too.


    And forgot to mention,i lately make gummies from various brands of maple syrup(they all sligthly taste a bit different) with some added vanilla powder.

    You maybe can make your own lemonade,iced tea or whatever you migth like?
    Goatcheese with honey or maple syrup also tastes good,imho,that way you have a salty taste to counteract it.

    Make icecream from dairy or coconutmilk and add fruits,sauces like caramel or chocolatesauce to it?
    Make your own chocolate with cacaopowder,butter or coconut oil and palmsugar,rawcanesugar,honey or whatver you prefer,vanilla and/or whatever additional ingredients you prefer.

    Mali Korsten

    @Dutchie – Thanks for all the tips (and the recipe)! I LOVE cooked bananas, so I think that’s definitely something to add to the menu! Lots of things to try – thank you so much! :D


    I second dates- they’re awesome. In under a minute, I can get down a few hundred calories worth.

    Chocolate milk sounds great. Orange juice with added salt and maybe added sugar/dextrose might be an option. And great recipe ideas @Dutchie!


    You’re welcome Mali:) I’m franctically searching around for food (Peat inspired) recipes myself to set up a weekmenu plan. So,I definitely can relate it being hard to try to come up with what to eat;)

    I don’t know if you eat grains (I dont handle them well) bc than ofcourse your recipe-world is wide open! But if you don’t, I just stumbled upon this Paleoish site which has some sugary grainfree recipes:

    And just got this simple recipe for Coconut Strawberry icecream popsicles from Billy Craigs FaceBook:

    “Blended strawberries, 1 tin of coconut milk and 3-4 tablespoons of maple syrup. Add one spoon to berries and the others to the coconut milk. Layer them into the containers and leave to freeze”

    I suppose you can take whatever fruit you like

    Thanx! You look so different than what I suspected.For some reason I always pictured you to be darkblonde :p


    Marshmallows! You can buy them if you don’t feel like making them, but they’re actually quite easy to make. There are recipes all over the web for making marshmallows- websites inspired by Ray Peat will have some recipes if you need a starting point. All you need is sugar, water, gelatin, and vanilla extract (or any other flavoring/cocoa you like).

    A lot of the Ray Peat followers have similar recipes for gelatin bars. If you google Ray Peat and gelatin bars or marshmallows or recipes, I’m sure you’ll find it.

    Matt Stone

    Cooking fruit is definitely a good idea. Concentrates the sugar, easier to completely digest, reduces water content, and makes them tastier. Made a big ol’ apple crumble thing the other day. 6 apples and tons of added sugar cooked down into something totally edible (eating 6 apples a day is a chore, and would make me pee myself). I used to make some yummy date bars at home too by putting a buttload of dates in a food processor with stuff like cocoa powder and shredded coconut. Like a LaraBar. Good. Not everybody has ridiculously overpriced kitchen toys like me though.

    Matt Stone

    Also, it’s probably a little watery, but I often drink super sugary concoctions with my meals, especially breakfast. Like I’ll make a 1-quart smoothie out of 3 bananas, a couple cups of orange juice, and a cup of heavily-sweetened yoghurt. That’s about 150 grams of the sweet stuff there. It just takes a lot of salty stuff and solid food to offset all that frickin’ fluid. Maybe I’ll start making those smoothies with cooked bananas!


    is lollies a bad idea? i eat lollies :)

    Matt Stone

    I prefer Laffy Taffy. Lollies are okay I guess. Just takes too long to get that sweetness in me!

    I did see a chick in a Playboy bikini at the pool today with a lollipop. That’s all the evidence I need that it’s okay.

    Plus, LLCoolJ rapped about some hottie standing at the bus stop sucking on one. She was evidently sweet as brown sugar with candied yams.


    willy wonka red licorice is the bomb. eating it right now :) think i might be eating it everyday til i die

    Mali Korsten

    @Matt – I love cooked apples! Apple crumble is my specialty! Dislike lollies though. Also, maybe I could make a similar smoothie to the one you make, just without the orange juice? Would still get a fair amount of sugar in there (especially with added honey), but less fluid. And I do have a ridiculously priced blender which is definitely up to the task of making homemade LaraBars!

    – Ooh, you reminded me that I do like licorice allsorts! Will add those to the shopping list.

    – I have a whole bad of oranges from the garden waiting to be used, so maybe I’ll juice ’em and just add extra salt and sugar, as suggested!

    – Thanks for the link and additional recipes! I also don’t do too well with grains, so grain-free but high-sugar is preferable!

    – Marshmallows are awesome, but I find that after one I’m over it! But maybe that’s because the store-bought ones have loads of other crap in that my body doesn’t love. Perhaps I’d have a higher threshold with homemade ones!

    Thanks for all the tips, everyone! Appreciate it!


    Homemade sea-salted caramels

    Recipes all over the internet for these – they take six minutes in the microwave to make, and are the best salty caramels you’ve ever tasted, for next to no effort at all.

    Recipe contains Eagle Brand milk, brown sugar, granulated sugar, and butter, with sea salt sprinkled on top after the caramel is made and poured into a pan to cool. You won’t have any trouble finding the recipe, I don’t think.



    @Matt i seem to notice that especially the dark blackpurplish medjool dates make me more warm,feel better and digest better than the brownish ligther colored ones.
    I also noticed this with very ripened plantain vs the same ripened banana,that banana felt better. Later on i learned that even ripe. Plantain still contains some starch. Could this be the same case with the dates?
    Apparently starch doesnt like me much,bc i always get more problems with bowel movements,depressive/lethargic moods,fluid issues,gut overgrowth etc.
    Ive heard certain fruits still contain starch,do you know which ones and how i can make sure theyre fully sugar converted?can that only be done by cooking?(would be nice to see a 180 cooking vid for that;))….and does roasting and grilling cause the same effect?
    And what about frozen fruits in the supermarket are they already fully ripe when frozen?

    @Mali the site of workoutmaster has a r3cipe video for baked apple,it looks really good and i imagine it tasting like warm applepie without the grains. Sometimes i almost can smell it through my laptop;)

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