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sugar and skin?

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    sugar is really hyped around here lately because of its metabolic and energy-enhancing properties, and i know the mainstream research about its evil nutritional aspects (carbs make you fat/insulin/diabetes !!!/ etc) is mostly debunked

    but i was wondering if anyone knew anything about the longer-term effects of sugar intake on skin re:glycation, breaking down collagen, “wrinkles,” that kind of thing

    this is getting talked about more in the derm/skincare world at the moment but i don’t know enough about the science to be able to sort things out properly

    a possible downside to upping sugar intake? admittedly a ridiculous, vain, aesthetics-focused one


    I don’t know but I can say that it took about 2 weeks of low calorie ketosis to give me a new wrinkle on the left side of my mouth. Grrr I’m 27 btw. I’m hoping it will go away eventually. A girl can hope.

    The Real Amy

    I think PUFAs are the most wrinkle-inducing food from what I’ve seen in other people. I would put my energy there if anywhere – as in avoiding fried stuff. I also think there is a whole world of difference between eating twizzlers and eating an orange. I’m not convinced it’s healthy to chow down on shit tons of white sugar, but I highly doubt the sugar in the orange will give you wrinkles, especially as part of a good diet. My grandma ate sugar and died in her mid-nineties with very few wrinkles. She just ate a normal diet and avoided too much sun. She didn’t gorge on sugar, but she definitely ate dessert and drank juice and stuff. Moderation is a beautiful thing.

    Ashley, from what I have seen the low-carbers age pretty horribly. I’m not surprised to hear about the wrinkle. You’re young, though, I bet it will fade.


    Ray Peat has aged really well and is very fond of sugar. Also, take a look at cook Nigella Lawson-she is over 50, looks amazing, and speaks often of her love for sweets (and fats). I would actually think it could be the opposite…lack of sugar (glucose) stresses the body and is aging.


    interesting excerpt from a link in another thread:

    The bulk of the age-related tissue damage classified as ?glycation end-products? (or ?advanced glycation end-products,? AGEs), referred to as ?age spots? on the skin, are produced by decomposition of the polyunsaturated fats, rather than by sugars, and this would be minimized by the protective oxidation of glucose to carbon dioxide.
    ?Sugars, in the presence of polyunsaturated fats, cause glycation and AGEs? ? Dr Catherine Shanahan
    The term ?glycation? indicates the addition of sugar groups to proteins, such as occurs in diabetes and old age, but when tested in a controlled experiment, lipid peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids produces the protein damage about 23 times faster than the simple sugars do (Fu, et al., 1996).

    and it’s a good point about nigella (i mean, i would kill to look like her now, in my early 20s, much less at 50)

    see also: christina tosi

    according to her own reports, this girl eats (and has always, since childhood, eaten) pretty much only candy, “junk” cereal, and cookie dough (sample week? of food here )

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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