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    I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering too. For many illnesses, it seems that doctors just aren’t of much use, and we’re left to figure out solutions for ourselves. One of the things I like about this site is that there’s an open atmosphere of experimentation, rather than a rigid dogma that everyone must follow. My own experience with diet has been very similar to Matt’s, with many changes in opinion over the years. I’ve learned enough to know that there aren’t any easy answers–unless you’re not really thinking about it.

    Whole grains contain the anti-nutrients (like phytic acid) that you mentioned, which bind to minerals and make them unabsorbable, but there shouldn’t be many anti-nutrients in refined grains. The amino acid methionine would be present in high amounts even in the refined stuff, and although I’m not certain that methionine is actually a problem, it provides a plausible explanation for why a fruit-based diet is healthier for many people than a grain-based diet. It also might explain why gelatin is easier on the body than other animal products, since gelatin is very poor in methionine.

    Interestingly, I saw a report recently that, as climate change progresses, there will be less land available that’s suitable for wheat, and some populations may need to depend more on other carb sources such as bananas (which are starchy, but not nearly as much as wheat).

    My wife tried to eat along with me for a while, but I could understand it when she decided I changed my mind too much. I definitely don’t have any interest in making other people eat the way I do, so it was nice for both of us that we were able to learn to “fend for ourselves,” so to speak.

    That’s awesome to hear your diet is helping with your joints. As an amateur runner, that’s something I hope to improve too.


    Supposedly to the therapist I had back then,the Lyme should be gone for about a year now but she said it takes the body at least 2years after to recover. I don’t know…I don’t think&care about it anymore.Like you,I never considered myself a sick person.
    I think my own shitting around is probably doing the most damage.
    Definitely agree,that’s the appeal of this forum&site to me that there’s no certain ‘diet’ forced down your throat and everybody here coming from different dietary,health&lifestyle backgrounds and just wanting to help eachother.

    That’s a well thougth through theory:)…I guess it migth also be bc fruit&sugars have a diverse range of minerals&vitamins compared to grains. Back when I started this Eat4Heat thing,I ate sourdough whitebread to minimize anti-nutrients but it still didnt work positively for me.

    Than we have to stop cutting trees&forests to built buildings on,otherwise we have no land to grow anything.;) Over here there’s a current hype started of promoting to eat meat less frequently and favor all these new meat substitutes.

    As long as it doesn’t lead to divorce,it’s all good:)
    I surely hope your aches disappear with the introduction of gelatin:) Though I read yours is from pork,if you feel the gelatin isn’t working you migth want to try substituting it for beef gelatin and cutting out all pork in your diet.


    What i do find interesting,is that lyme therapiist years ago said i was on the verge of diabetes. I never thougth much if it,assumed it was bc of the lyme.
    So,today i accidentally i stumbled upon a research about diabetes where they stated that type2 (overweigth) diabetes patients who increased there insulin sensitivity on a dairy&fruit diet without grains&potatoes. And they decreased osteoporosis.
    This really makes sense,bc through half of the pregnancy my mom lived off milk&tangerines b’ it was the only thing that wouldnt make her throw up. Till about age 4/5 i ate meshed banana,fruitcompotes,loved drinking milk&dark chocolate milk,cheese….always had steady energy&moods. After that the croissants&bread from our bakery started to make the introduction and i wonder if that migthve started the slow but steady downward spiral….

    Bc after i started to gravitate towards simple sugars,no starch and dairy i notice some difference especially in sleep. I have virtually no problem anymore falling and staying asleep. And no matter what time i go to bed,i always sleep for 7-8hours steady.
    Ofcourse they also mentioned that a lowfat,especially saturated, and saltdiet was best. So i wonder how much of that is true and what amount they mean with low?

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    I just posted something in the diabetes thread that is relevant to this discussion.


    @David How’s your highcarb highprotein/lowfat experiment going? btw what is lowfat according to you?


    Hi Dutchie,

    I just updated my main thread with a long post here ( Overall, I’ve been doing well eating my high-carb and (relatively) high-protein diet. For me, low fat means limiting fat to around 20% of total calories. In practical terms, I rarely add fats or oils, but there’s always some fat on my meat and some added oils in prepared foods I eat (like bread).

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