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    Hi everyone,

    My sister has been very passionate about playing guitar from the age of 18. She would practice for a few hours and eventually it increased to longer hours. She used to play in clubs and events and was quite popular among her peers. About last month while playing at a concert she faced a sharp pain near her thumb in right hand and it has been causing her pain for quite some time now. Her doctor diagnosed it to be muscle inflammation and suggested ibuprofen. She has already signed up for several other concerts across Canada, and can’t afford to take a break and look for treatment. Since she would have 2 days at hand while performing in Downsview, I am hoping to fix an appointment with a Chiropractors in North York who can suggest her exercises in her busy schedules and also diet fix which can help her heal. I also look forward to your suggestions.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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