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Swimming to improve cardiovascular health

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    Swimming is one of the exercises you can do while recovering from surgery!!! I’m a 44-year-old Canadian working with a leading electronic manufacturer for the past nine years. Something unexpected happened to me in 2019. It was a summer evening at my working place. I felt unconscious. I expected a total collapse! When dizziness progressed to labored breathing, I sat in a chair to catch the breath. Less than three minutes later, I was on the floor of the corridor gasping for air. Later tests confirmed that I had experienced ventricular fibrillation (V-fib) – the most hazardous of all heart rhythm disorders. It followed the journey from bypass surgery to good health. Now I’m staying with my daughter at home in Mississauga. Recently I started swimming as part of cardiac rehabilitation. The various health benefits of swimming include cardiovascular fitness, stress relief, and a reduced risk of high blood pressure and diabetes. People with such heart conditions should only swim in water with a temperature of 26–33°C. I believe most public swimming pools are regulated at 29°C. I’m planning to join swimming classes in Mississauga by mid of December. I prefer to choose swim schools providing warm-water indoor pools with guaranteed learning environments. Please share your suggestions!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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