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    I’m a recovering Weston A. Price food nazi (I was a chapter leader) and I’m jut now learning how to enjoy all foods again. I have a rare autoimmune disease called erythema multiforme. It is a target shaped allergic histamine rash that manifests every time I get damage to my skin and am stressed (which is pretty much all the time!) I cannot go out into the sun because any small sunburn will cause my body to start attacking itself with the rash, so I take fermented cod liver oil for my vitamin D. When I first read about eating for heat about a month ago, my consistent body temperature was in the 96’s. I quit exercising like a crazy person and have added ice cream and carbs back into my diet. Now I only do yoga and dancing, only a few times per week, and only using DVD’s where the instructors are kind and soothing, like Rodney Yee and Denise Austin (P90X and Jillian Michaels are WAY too stressing!) Plus side: I’m happier, less stressed, last time I got the rash it healed MUCH FASTER than it usually does, and now I’m consistently in the 97’s, sometimes hit as high as 98 but never in the morning.

    Downside is I’M GETTING FATTER!

    I decided that I wasn’t going to weigh myself because I didn’t want to stress out about the number because my body is starting to heal. But my husband asked me today how long I was going to be eating whatever I wanted, at what point was I going to draw the line that my weight was going too high. He was nice about it, but it still really hurt. I’m barely squeezing into my size 10 pants and have hit an all time high at 148lbs (I’m 5’4″ and apple shaped. It all goes to my belly). Yeah, I caved and weighed myself. At this moment I’m stressed and back in 96’s and have no desire to eat.

    I know one of my issues is that I don’t eat frequently enough for the eating for heat to “work”. I just get so busy that I forget and have to remind myself to get some food. I just went to my nutritional practitioner who does reflex points and my stomach did not have enough hydrochloric acid, my liver was painful, as were my adrenals and thyroid (which is to be expected with low body temps). She does neuro-lingual testing, which is testing for specific supplements that work individually for me, and we determined that I needed hydrochloric acid plus enzymes, burdock root for my liver, and some other thing I forget for my pituitary glands. My thyroid and adrenals were not responding to any supplement she or I had, again, to be expected because my body temperatures are low/metabolism is slow.

    Other than just keep eating more and more, is there any other recommendation? A huge part of me wants to just go low carb and exercise like a crazy woman again, but another part of me knows that I get stressed with any restrictive diet. I’m seriously crying as I type this because I feel like such a failure when everyone in my family is fit and trim and I feel like a sloppy fatty.

    Matt Stone

    Everything you are experiencing in terms of changes with your body as your temperature goes from arctic to normal, exercise load lessens, food restrictions lessen, and calories increase… is totally normal and expected and elaborated upon in great detail in my books – Diet Recovery 2 especially. If you are going to be able to take this process to completion and give it a chance to possibly work for you (potentially eliminating your health problem and giving you unimaginable food freedom among other benefits) you are going to have to undergo some big psychological changes.

    At the very least, don’t make big decisions in a highly emotional state.

    You’ve taken the 180 blue pill and you’ll find you have trouble going back to low-carb and exercising crazily because your subconscious knows better now. Better to go through this once than repeatedly tiptoe in and out (much more fattening than just getting it over with, getting those temps up, and fully fat-proofing yourself). Good luck!!!


    Sharonimo, I’m so sorry to hear about what a tough time you’re having right now! You are not a failure! What you’re doing is so tough and you’re awesome! It is so hard to gain weight and believe me I’ve been there. Before reading Diet Recovery 2 I was following the youreatopia (MinnieMaud) guidelines of a minimum of 2500 cals per day. I gained weight and got my period back but it was so hard for me and I would just cry and cry to my husband and console myself with the fact that I could go back to Paleo or weight watchers or something once this got too much. I never did it though and I’m really happy I didn’t because I found Diet Recovery 2 and I feel good! I feel hopeful and like my health will keep improving and that my body will find a happy place and maybe I’ll even loose this weight effortlessly and be free of my food/body craziness! Pretty much I don’t fit into any of my clothes except loose dresses but I’m actually okay with that. I don’t think I’ve gained any weight for the past few weeks or maybe month and sometimes I think maybe I might be loosing a teeny tiny bit (other times I don’t think this). I haven’t weighed myself though and never plan to again. I’d recommend throwing out your scale. Seriously. Get rid of it right now. I have never regretted putting mine in the bin 6 months ago.

    I also stopped exercising completely and even limited my walking in the beginning. Maybe you could even scale down your exercise to give your body a time to warm up? Maybe just gentle yoga?

    Having a meditation or mindfulness practice is definitely something I’d recommend. Forgive me if you’ve seen me post about this already but here are a few good mindfulness exercises that are 10 minutes:

    You could also start doing some Metta (loving kindness meditation), which is short and awesome. You can google it and find more if it sounds something you might be into.

    Also, how’s your sleep? Is your bedroom nice and dark? I have blackout blinds but you could also try sleeping with a mask. I try and get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night and I know Matt recommends even more. You could take a nice warm bath before bed.

    I’d recommend wearing comfy clothes and not squeezing into anything. You deserve to be comfortable.

    I think you were looking for tips to get your temperature up and I think these will fit the bill but I’d also look at the composition of your meals. You mentioned adding in ice cream and carbs but are you putting lots of salt on things? I find this really helps me. Also adding certain things like chocolate chips really helps.

    Have you read the book, “When women stop hating their bodies”? It’s great! I thought of it when you said that there is a weight that would be “too high” and you’d draw the line. In the book it talks about accepting yourself at every weight and that’s what I’ve been doing and the message I’ve been sending myself. I’m an average weight now and I don’t think I’ll be overweight but when I first started this I kept telling myself, my husband and my therapist that I had to see this through to the end and if that meant that my body wanted to be overweight than that’d be okay (part of my mind was thinking hell no it will not be! but another part said it would). I agree with Matt that we need to see this through to the end and then our bodies will have nice high temperatures and our metabolisms will be fast and our bodies will find a happy place.


    I did read Diet Recovery 2, I just wish I was that person who did not gain weight doing this. My sister’s wedding is coming up and I just want to look my best. It’s just this internal war that most women struggle with, wanting to change the way they look but at the same time just accepting and loving yourself for who you are. I don’t know any woman who has truly mastered this! I’ve done a lot of work emotionally and psychologically on this in myself (counselors, 12 step programs for co-dependents), but yesterday was just a really really bad day.

    I am trying to do more prayer and meditation. I feel that in order to fully deal with my stress levels/cortisol/slow metabolism I have to include this, because diet alone isn’t going to cut it. I’m not doing this nearly enough!

    I actually sleep great (which is rare for people with stressed adrenals!), but I probably don’t add enough salt to my foods. I started taking cayenne pepper but that only heats me up temporarily when I take it.

    As far as exercise goes, I really love taking walks, but it’s hard to do this with my sun allergy unless I do it early in the morning (when I’m getting the kids up and husband ready for work) or at twilight (when we’re settling in for the night). I’ve got to find balance. I think I may scale back even further with the exercising too. Perhaps doing meditation INSTEAD of exercising would benefit me more.

    Thank you for the support, I really needed it. It’s so hard for me because I am one of those people who have read and read and read SO MUCH about health, nutrition, and exercise and have stressed for years over the minutae of everything in hopes to control my health and weight. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that the more I try to control, the more stressed I become and the worse my overall health has become. It’s been hard to let go. But when I do and take my daily dose of fukitol, I’m much happier. Thank you again ;)


    Sharonimo, also look at the post under raising metabolism from somebody who wrote about not having much progress after 9 months on the program, there are some useful tips there and encouragement as well.


    take magnesium


    “I’m a recovering Weston A. Price food nazi (I was a chapter leader) and I’m jut now learning how to enjoy all foods again.”

    Haha, this is pretty much me right now (minus the chapter leader part).


    And this is how I thought until I finally decided to do some research and enlighten myself on what sugar actually IS and that your body WILL make glucose no matter what.

    And now I’m eating ice cream again and thankful for it :)

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