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    I have been following Matt’s guidelines for resting and re-feeding. I have seen a dramatic improvement in my body temperature, however my teeth chip very easily throughout this process and I also experience sudden toothaches. I was wondering whether anyone else experienced this in their recovery or any teeth related issues.


    I’ve always had good teeth but for several years I had a couple of spots on my gums that were red, inflamed and it hurt to floss there. I see the dentist every 6 months and they couldn’t find anything wrong otherwise and just told me to keep taking care of it. Even daily flossing didn’t make it go away!

    Now the inflamed areas are gone. Just spontaneously gone. I realized I hadn’t flossed for a while so I decided to do it and was so used to it hurting there and me needing to be extra careful. Suddenly it doesn’t anymore.

    My teeth have also gotten whiter. I don’t use any tooth whitening products, I’m cheap so I don’t use any fancy expensive toothpastes either.


    I haven’t had issues with my teeth chipping, but I definitely have some sensitive spots that weren’t there before.

    T Will

    When I first started eating a lot of sugar, which was mainly coming from candy, my teeth were pretty sore the very next day. Since then (about 6 weeks) they have been on/off sore better never bad enough to not eat anything. These last couple weeks have been pain free. I’ve also never had many tooth problems, but I just noticed a chip or something at the top of one of teeth right by the gum. I can’t see it really but I can feel it. The sore teeth don’t really bother me, but the chip sucks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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