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What if temperature doesn't fluctuate?

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    And no, my thermometer is not broken. I am consistently between 36.5-36.7 all day long. First thing in the morning, I sometimes get 36.6 while I am at 36.5 after a big meal, wtf? So my two questions are (1) Should I change anything? And (2) if so, what should I do?

    Some background: I have been following Paul Jaminet’s PHD for about four months (I was a vegan for about a year before that). I have also been doing intermittent fasting and only drink coffee with MCT oil and butter in the mornings and eat a huge lunch at around noon. When I was vegan, I nearly froze to death I was so cold all the time. Didn’t take temperature readings so I don’t have any data to share, but it was cold. Since switching to PHD, I got warmer but still felt cold in my extremities at times. I also had a blood test done and my Tryglicerides were fabulous (dropped to 50 from 125 on vegan) and HDL increased from 45 (on vegan) to 67. But my LDL was totally out of whack at 250. I contacted Jaminet (nice guy btw) and he told me I may have hypothyroidism and to eat more carbs and take some vitamin D through sun exposure or supplements.

    I started doing some research on hypothyroidism and came across Matt’s book Eat for Heat. It was definitely a fun read and very useful. I really like Matt’s focus on simplicity. I’ve cut fluids until my pee is a light shade of yellow and I pretty much stuff my face with PHD compliant food. I am not opposed to eating more of the stuff Matt recommends but I am doing a self experimentation and don’t want to change too many variables all at once. So currently, I am still PHD, intermittent fasting, but the two changes I’ve made are: reduced fluids and eat as much as I want until my body screams “no more”!

    Since then, I’ve warmed up considerably. In fact, my feet and hands are burning right now after my coffee. And my temperature barely fluctuates across the day. I am wondering what I should change, if anything. I definitely do not want to be a victim of a restricted diet long term. Thanks.

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