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How to lower Temperature??

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    How do you honestly lower your temperature?
    The only thing I can possibly think to do is go on a diet at this point.
    I’m at least 100.2 every morning, and highest was 100.7.
    Eventually I reach about 101.1 by the end of the day.

    Honestly it blows big time. I’m so hot and don’t feel good.
    Tried to do all veggies and fruit for two weeks. Nothing.
    I have absolutely no appetite either. I would be pretty much be content if I never saw another piece of food in my life.

    I’m full of energy, have insane endurance and strength, but I’m just too damn hot.

    Matt Stone

    I would think cutting way back on the carbs and spending more hours out of 24 in the fasted state will help. Sort of Warrior Diet style. Plus drink lots of water and make sure your calories are on the lower side.

    Matt Stone

    The fruit and veggie only thing was a sensible first attempt though.


    I’m sorry for your problems, but I’d like to see a photo of your body.
    You have a wolverine (x-man) metabolism! xD
    Perhaps in your alimentation there were too many warming food?
    How do you achieved such result?
    Have you always had this problem?


    I’m curious about what constitutes as “too high.” My waking temps in the second half of my cycle are usually between 98.8 and 99, and then during the day when I’m running after my 2 year old they sometimes get up to 99.7. Much lower than the original poster, but I still don’t know what the upper end of ideal is. Also, I am one of those people with higher temps and pulse who still has many indicators of low metabolic function (low energy, sleep disturbances, cold feet, low libido, etc). So I don’t want my temps to keep climbing as I ETF to try to lower my stress hormones.


    What happens if there is a fluctuation from low to high? 97.5 – 99.4 – related to eating? Would that be an example of adrenal fatigue?


    I wonder that, too, in fact I was thinking about posting the question earlier. My swings aren’t as wide, but I’m swinging back and forth between 97.7 and 98.6, with no apparent correllation with eating. I should be keeping better track. But the adrenal fatigue idea fits, I haz that.


    I think temps should go up throughout the day. I start out at 98.4 and by the end of the day am 99.5-99.8. Also temps should increase after eating. After a 500-700 calorie breakfast at 7am I am 98.6, then after an early lunch I am 98.9.

    Higher after eating indicates you are metabolizing your food. Lower after eating could be a sign that your stress hormones are propping up your temps. Knowing your pulse rate helps too. A high temp with a high pulse, over 85bpm, could indicate stress hormones are propping up your temps.

    When I was doing a Ray Peat style diet my daily temps would get up to 100.5 sometimes but I could not get my morning temp above 97.8. My pulses were in range. I had to increase my calories to get my morning temp above 98. Now my daytime temps get I to the 99’s but not 100’s.

    Matt Stone

    Great assessment CathyL. That’s my best interpretation as well.

    As far as how high is too high, I don’t know really. If you are doing lots of exercise out in the heat, having a high temperature is actually counterproductive, as your body temp will always tend to rise when you are moving physically. After a hard workout I usually hit the upper 101’s. Living in Florida I am actually eating less and consuming a lot more watery, cooling food right now to keep my body temp down a little bit. Lots of smoothies and papayas and water and a lot less salt.


    And then there’s the problem that many of us menopausal women suffer: Hot FLASHES. I don’t like waking up in the middle of the night from heat! In fact, I don’t even like get super-heated after eating a meal- it reminds me of what is ahead in the middle of the night! No, the Progest-E has not made a big dent; but the Maca Root is somewhat helpful.


    I achieved a high temp (I think) by concentrating on high carbs and consistent meal times. I ate a certain amount of calories at certain times for around 3 months.
    Before that I was refeeding for a few weeks at about 6-10K a day.

    Matt. I’ve incorporated a bit of RBTi ideas. Such as eating light in the evening and larger at lunch or after a workout. I think it’s working? Will update you guys in a week or two. Much lighter on the calories too. And even though I’ve dropped them I’m still not very hungry.

    My temp is lower right now because it’s the first half of my cycle…

    As for temperature upper limit, honestly you don’t want to be this hot. It really isn’t fun after awhile. It’s like even thinking too hard makes me sweat. At first I loved it…but it gets to a point where you just feel gross.

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