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low temperatures/lack of sleep = continuous weigh gain?

Blog Forums Raising Metabolism low temperatures/lack of sleep = continuous weigh gain?

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    If my temperatures are still low like around 36 (96.8) most of the time, except for the occasional evenings when it is at 36.6 (97.8) and I suffer from lack of sleep (because of kids, waking me up in the middle of the night several times), does that mean that I will keep on gaining weight due to the fact that my metabolism is still slow? I have moved up one degree already from low 35 but am now stuck on 36 for the last 2 weeks and have been doing this diet for a month now. Also, I should add that my metabolism is further compromised by breastfeeding. I have gained 7 kg already in a month and I am FREAKING OUT!!!! And as I can’t do anything about my sleep, I worry that I will just keep on gaining.

    Matt Stone

    Inability to get proper sleep can definitely thwart progress towards achieving a proper metabolic rate. It’s better to raise temperature with sleep than food, and over-reliance on food when sleep is inadequate is indeed typically more fattening than using an excess of sleep with plenty of food in tandem.


    Scarletsmum, I’m so sorry that you are freaking out and I know how stressful and horrible weight gain can be. Especially when it’s combined with breastfeeding, husbands, kids, etc. Stress impacts weight as well so try and breath deeply and be kind to yourself during this process as much as you can (I feel totally annoying righting that but it’s true).

    Have you heard of Metta (aka Loving Kindness meditation)? I think it might be something nice for you to do and it’s really simple. All it is is wishing yourself good thoughts. For example, you might get in a comfy position and focus on your breath without trying to change anything. Maybe your kids are asleep or watching a tv show and you have a moment to yourself. Then you can say to yourself, “May I be happy. May I be at ease in my mind and body. May I be healthy.” Pretty much whatever you want. Then if you feel like it you can move on to people you love, people you feel neutral about and people that are bugging you (or that you really don’t like right now). For you it seems like you could just start with yourself. You could even do some mindful breastfeeding and maybe use that as a time to rest and rejuvenate.

    I know that you’re not able to get a good amount of sleep but meditation and mindfulness has been shown to help even with lack of sleep and make you feel rejuvenated even without adequate sleep. I think someone on here even mentioned meditating as helping raise temperature. I know your a mum and I’m sure really busy but maybe you can find a time to add in 2 minutes of mindfulness or loving kindness meditation a day. Even if it’s just a minute here and there. I’m not sure how old your kids are but you can do mindfulness with them and I’ve done it with kids in kindergarten. It’s great to do in transitions such as coming home from school, before bed, before dinner, etc… If you’re interested in bringing in a little mindfulness to your home please feel free to email me at It’s really easy and calming for all.

    I’m sending you lots and lots of positive thoughts:)


    I would also imagine that the hormonal differences going on while breastfeeding could also play some role. I think that with the life circumstances your going to be going through for the next while,with small children, lack of sleep, etc. you may be better off taking a somewhat longer, slower road to better metabolism. I think we all get so desperate to have a quick solution that we can take some of this stuff in the same fashion as we took the dieting and supplement advice that got us here in the first place. This is just my opinion and I could be wrong. I have had very little rise in my temps since I started four months ago but I am feeling more energy and just feeling generally better so I’ll take it. You sound like your improving your temps a bit and hopefully your feeling some more energy.


    I would add to stop weighing yourself. I have been eating more food (first following the guidelines on youreatopia which was 2500+ and then Eat For Heat/Diet Recovery 2) for 2 months now and the bulk of my gain was in the beginning. I haven’t weighed myself and have no idea how much I weigh. I only fit into my looser dresses and have just bought some bigger clothes. It was really hard in the beginning but seeing the improvements in my health has been worth it.

    You are an amazing woman who is giving life and nutrients to a growing human being!! Being a mum is hard work!! Be kind to yourself regarding your physical body because we are so much more than just our physical bodies. Our children just want us to be happy and will love us no matter what our weight is. What often helps me is to think of what advice I’d give my daughter if she was in my position- I’d tell her the exact same things as I’m telling you and I’m telling myself.


    Saisrice, many many thanks for your very kind words!I have just started doing yoga 2-3 x per week and do feel great afterwards, but maybe I should start doing some meditation before sleep. My kids are 16 months and 3 and they both wake at night and the 3 year old regularly comes in at night and request to be put back into bed. So my sleep is just really disrupted and I feel so wired that even if I go to bed early or trying to take a nap during the day I can’t seem to.
    Jdubs, thanks for the support, I don’t mind taking it slowly, but I can’t really afford to put anymore weight on my small frame. I just can’t. mentally I’m not a fat person and this is destroying me.
    My husband was probably right when he said that I should first quit breastfeeding and sort my sleep before doing this, now that Matt even confirmed my worst fears, I think I’m going to reevaluate what I’m doing:
    Limiting food whilst eating fruit only in the morning with parmesan to counteract too much sodium, sandwich for lunch and normal dinner at 5 pm and afterwards only fruit and parmesan if I get hungry. Watching my urine and adjust salt accordingly. I was also thinking adding non-prescription thyroid. (who knows, maybe it’ll help? Worth a try at least)

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