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Temps good, hands and feet STILL cold!

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    Mali Korsten

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on why my hands and feet are still cold 80% of the time, despite my temps being good. My basal temp yesterday was 98.96! Although I don’t measure my temperature often, whenever I do it’s at least 98.6. Despite this, my hands and feet are persistently and annoyingly cold. The seem to be warmest upon waking in the morning.

    I also have low blood pressure and a fairly slow heart rate (68 bpm last time I checked). Could that be why?

    Would be grateful of any thoughts/tips. Thank you!


    I’m interested in what anyone might say to this, too. I haven’t been taking my temp regularly, or even daily, for a while now. Two days ago, my hands and feet were cold (as they often still are), so I did take my temp to see if it was low. It was 99 degrees! So, the cold hands/feet didn’t make sense. I haven’t checked my pulse. Hmmm…

    Mali Korsten

    @Kristi – I’m guessing it must have something to do with poor circulation/weak pulse/low blood pressure/slow heart-rate. I imagine that if those systems are not functioning optimally then the blood can’t reach the extremities efficiently enough to keep them warm.

    How to remedy this, though? Salt and carbs are seemingly not enough to eliminate my need for a hot water bottle to bring heat to my hands and feet!


    From what I understand, cold hands and feet doesn’t have a lot to do with overall body temperature directly. Cold hands and feet are primarily a result of stress hormones, which tend to be lower on average when body temperature is higher. However, you can still have high stress hormone levels and high body temperature simultaneously. For instance, if I drink caffeine or have a hangover, or go for a long time without eating, my hands and feet tend to get cold, not because my body temperature is lower, but because all of those things tend to raise my stress hormone levels.


    Interestingly I had the opposite result. From refeeding I now have warm hands after having cold hands my entire life. I can walk outside with a short sleeve shirt when its 60 degrees out and maintain warm hands which is a miracle for me. But my basal temps are still shit.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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