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    Hi, My name is Hannah. I have been hanging around the 180 site for a couple weeks. I have decided to make a post as I am getting a little frustrated and have some questions. I’m hoping for some input:)I read Diet Recovery 2 exactly a month ago and started taking my temps and eating different right away. Something really struck me about what Matt said and I think it was definitely a good thing for me to read.
    I started by taking my temps first thing in the morning as I was also trying to chart for ovulation. My temps for this entire month have been between 97.0- 97.7. Sometimes they will get into the low 98’s in the evening. I have been trying to get as much rest as possible. There has only been a couple nights in the last month where I have not gotten 8 hours of sleep and many night where I have gotten more. I have stopped working out. I work in a restaurant, so I do walk quite a bit while on the job. I have stopped drinking so much water. I don’t drink alcohol hardly at all. I have been eating pretty much whatever I want, whenever I want. Ice cream, pizza, pretzels, cookies, bread, fruit, pancakes, burgers etc. I try to keep stress levels as low as possible, as I have been diagnosed with some adrenal fatigue. My naturopathic doctor didn’t prescribe me anything she just told me to take it easy/eliminate stress, so that has been something I’ve been working on for quite a few months. I have gained 5-8 pounds depending on the day. Just fyi I am 24 years old, 5.5 tall, and weighed 130 going into this “diet”. Also I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am taking a supplement from my naturopathic doctor, but no replacement hormones.
    Yes, I had all the typical symptoms of low temp/metabolism-especially cold feet and hands, low libido, depression, poor digestion/constipation, thin hair and others I’m sure. I feel like my symptoms have improved some, which is awesome! But, why are my temps not rising??? Do I need to give it more time?
    Before RRARF I had been eating a “clean” diet, on the paleo, WAPF side of things. We do bone broth and raw milk. I would not say I was starving myself, but I really watched what I ate and was super hard on myself if I did eat anything that had white/artificial sugars in it (I’ve always ate a lot of fruit), or was processed. I always brought my own lunches and dinners to my job and wow has it been nice not worrying about taking an hour before work to prepare food and make sure I will have enough to eat for my night at work! I was eating mostly gluten free (not because I thought I had an intolerance, but because it just generally wasn’t in the things I was eating), but still ate potatoes, root veggies, and made sure I was still getting some carbs (probably not enough). I did buy into the more protein, less carbs and sugar. I have wanted to lose about 5 pounds for awhile and I now think that I was probably not eating enough. I would also break down and eat cookies, brownies and things like that fairly often. Sugar/ chocolate is definitely my vice. When I did have a “bad” day of eating I could gain a couple of pounds overnight! I was always thinking about food. It has been amazing to just let that go! I worked out a few times a week at the gym, mostly weight lifting, and some interval cardio. I used to be a jogger but not for a couple years really.
    I have really enjoyed this month, and I don’t feel like compete crap either, like I thought I would. I really have not been eating very healthy, which is hard to believe because I am kind of obsessed with health topics (like most people who have reached this point, I’m sure), so this has been interesting. I really want lose a little weight, go to the gym and look good for the summer, blah blah, lol. My husband and I want to try to conceive late summer/early fall, so I feel like this is the last time in my life I will be able to have the body I want, vain I know. Honestly though, if I knew that this RRARF would work for me in time, I would let the body thing go, because long term health to me is more important. I just feel like my temps should be higher by now…. Also, should I try eating a little healthier, but still eat plenty of carbs? It’s hard to find a balance for me. Also, does anyone know if there is a natural increase/decrease in body temp throughout the day? For example maybe in the morning it may be lower, then rise in the afternoon and then fall a bit around bed time, or should it always be about the same? I actually tried to make this to the point, but it’s very long. Thank you in advance if you have any input. -Hannah


    I think you might benefit from reading replies that The Real Amy has made in the forums. She has a common sense, gentle and supportive way of helping and she is also a moderator.

    There may be a typical way things go for people in metabolic way – but if there is I don’t know what that is. As for me I’ve gained a lot of weight/fat, much more than you, and my temps are higher but still not in the upper 98’s, they are usually around 97.8.


    Hello Hannah!You sound so much like me? a “your story is my story” way. I second blurg’s suggestion about reading The Real Amy’s input hereI would try not to ruminate too much about the temps. In fact..I find that many people’s?and my own temp tends to be lower in general..than many people’s “normal” temp?but you should not stress about achieving a certain temp..It sounds as if you are on the right track for yourself and listening to your innate cues. I also have trouble determining the “right” amount of carbs for my body?but when you let yourself “succumb” to the callings of certain, formerly forbidden carbs (e.g. crackers, breads, pretzels,tortilla chips) you should heed and honor these cravings. Previously “Paleo” myself?i simply know that, eventually, these things simply “call”?and one should not beat oneself up inwardly for desiring “forbidden fruits”?When one lets go of the “forbidders”..they eventually become less beckoning. Good on you and keep up the keen self-observation and good work!


    Thanks for the feedback guys! I have been going through the forums as much as I can and picking up advice and wisdom:) I will be sure to notice Real Amy’s posts. I probably do need to relax about the temps and just realize that I’m feeling better. Perfectionist here, so I get kind of wrapped up in the numbers on the thermometer, which I remember Matt warning about. Glutwin, you are entirely correct about the forbidden fruits loosing their draw. Before I could not stop thinking about cookies and brownies (which sit in front of me all day at work), and now I really could care less about them. And when I do occasionally want one, I just have one and it’s not a big deal!
    I appreciate the support. I’m going to continue onward! But maybe try to incorporate some more nutrient dense foods in as well, which I really have not been doing since I started a month ago.
    It’s funny, I used to be so obsessed with eating the perfect diet, and now, if it were not wanting to have a healthy baby soon, I would probably just continue on with this super easy, stress free diet, because I feel just fine! I never would have suspected this.

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    Just an fyi for all you worrying about temps. If you take any kind of “supplement” or medicine with T4 in it, like straight T4 or even T4/T3 combos like Armour, you will not be able to get your temps above 98.1 degrees at most. Unless you take smaller doses. Somebody very smart brought this to my attention in the past year. I thought he was full of it, but then I looked at my temp logs as well. Once I started trying a T4/T3 combo, my temps never increased past 98.0. I also read an interview with Mary Shonomon, from the website Stop the Thyroid Madness, and she said for some reason she cannot get her temps above 98.1 degrees in the past 7 years despite feeling great while taking Armour. This is because T4 is a governor so to speak. Once I stopped taking the Armour, in the next month my temps started getting back up to 98.4 after eating large meals. So if you are taking T4 in large doses and not small, spread out doses, you will not get your temps up

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