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    I recently bought the Village Green Network’s summer ebook bundle. I am in the process of reading them all and I finished reading Kick the Weight with Keto: How to Lose Weight and Feel Great on a Paleo-Ketogenic Diet by Kim Knoch. I am not here to bash on the lady because I think she has good intentions, but this way of eating is seriously dangerous. She says your need for water increases on a ketogenic diet, so drink even more water than normal! She also advises to eat as low as 30 grams of carbohydrates a day! I used to watch my carb intake on the paleo and GAPS diet and suffered the consequences eating this way long term. I especially have a problem with her recommending it for weight loss. She says she has lost a great amount of weight, but is still overweight while writing the ebook. She even says she could eat this way for years and be fine.

    I am wondering if there is credibility to the recommendation of a ketogenic diet to treat cancer? Dr. Mercola recommends it to treat cancer and other people argue this too. Kim Knoch in her ebook says that cancer cells cannot live on a ketogenic diet. Is this true and is it a good treatment for cancer? Or can Eating for Heat help to treat cancer too?


    As far as I know, the only medical value of the keto diet is for the treatment of epileptic seizures, for those whom multiple medications have failed. Some epileptic children experience incredible improvement on the diet, but there’s a tradeoff because it may also impair growth and development. But if you get seizures so bad you can’t live a normal life, it’s easily worth it.

    In my opinion, it’s irresponsible to advocate any diet as a cure for cancer, and advocating keto for this reason sounds downright fraudulent.

    Some people do seem to lose weight on keto, and I congratulate them, but I think they’re in the minority. I experimented with it as a way to improve my health, but it did the exact opposite. I felt like absolute garbage.

    You’re right. It is funny to see overweight people trying to sell weight loss techniques. Another example is Jimmy Moore of “livin’ la vida low carb” fame. His diet has clearly not worked for him, but he continues to promote his website and peddle his products to whomever’s still left on the low carb bandwagon.


    I don’t know what ketogenic means, I’ll have to look it up. I wanted to respond about the low carb. I mentioned before that I tried low carb a few years back when I first noticed I was gaining weight. I was up 3 lbs while eating wap style & everyone was on the low carb bandwagon. It didn’t work for me. A couple weeks ago I went to a family thing & saw my brother whom I hadn’t seen since last year. He was a little bit pudgy at the time, but now he looks great! He told me he low carbs & works out. He lost 20 lbs doing this. So it works for him, but I don’t know what the long term consequence will be. Since I have been depressed about my belly fat which seems determined to stay, I thought about trying it again. I decided not to; it didn’t work before, & I don’t want to restrict foods. I am also dealing with stress issues, some I have no control over.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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