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    I’ve noticed the last 3 or 4 cycles that I’ve had I become extremely fatigued, almost non-functioning about 3 days before I start my period and then the duration of my period. This is new to me and I’m just wondering what could be going on.

    Edit to add that I’m 32, fat, one pregnancy that ended in an ectopic at 14 weeks 8 years ago, lost my due to it. Not sure if that is relevant, but put that just in case.


    A total stab in the dark here but the timing makes me think it could be related to a hormone shift. What are your temperatures both during and before/after the tiredness hits?

    I’ve been excessively tired this last week due to what I now think was inadequate caloric intake (definitely unintentional and I’m remedying the change that resulted in it). Do you get any cravings during this time that you’re not satisfying and/or do you notice any change in your appetite that may result in undereating?

    Hannah Ransom

    That seems pretty long, but it’s not uncommon to really need down time just before and during your period. I would recommend to get lots of sleep and rest and try to just do what your body is asking for a while at least and then see if a completely restful period is what it wants.


    Oh my gosh, I woke up so cold this morning and had to eat SO much to get my temperature up. Then boom! My period started. I do not feel at all well or energetic today. Eating all the chocolate.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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