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Tips on getting more sleep?

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    I know my sleep could be improved but I’m not sure how to get past my regular sleep patterns. My regular bedtime is between 10 and 11. If I fall asleep earlier than that, I always wake up a couple hours later. I can usually get back to sleep but then I’ll be up at 4 for the day. If I go to bed at my regular time, then I can usually sleep until 6 but I usually wake up at least once.

    Also, I get up to use the potty at least once per night but it’s not always the need to pee that wakes me up. It’s something else (child, cat, etc). Is this the same as a stress response causing the need to pee? I don’t always have trouble falling back to sleep. My main issue is waking up too early if I go to bed too early.

    From what I’ve learned from this site and more 7 hours is not enough to support a healthy metabolism. I just can’t seem to get more than that.


    I just started using a calcium/magnesium/zinc supplement, along with meltonin and valerian. I was having horrible insomnia and I got immediate results from this combination. Make sure the magnesium is either mag oxide or gluconate ( or a combo) and not mag citrate. The citrate can cause diarrhea.

    Steven e

    I’m also curious. I’m having a really hard time with sleep at night and napping for long enough to matter. I know it’s primarily stress related, but have been wondering if I wouldn’t be better off taking something than not getting sleep, even if it’s pharmaceutical. When starting re-feeding I slept pretty well and took lots of long langorous siesta/naps. For a long time now though I can’t sleep more than 4 to 5 hours straight regardless of when I go to bed, and often less. Except last night, 6 hours! Hoping that’s the start of a new trend. I’m super resistant to trying a handful of supplements as I’ve been down that road so many times with so few results. If I had all the money I spent on supplements back… Good to hear your success though RegL


    I’m not sure if you’ve heard this all before but here’s what helps me:
    Limiting screen time at least an hour before bed. No phone, computer, tv, etc. I take a bath or soak my feet and then read in bed. For some, I’ve heard it’s even best not to read in bed but I like to read and it helps me sleep. I also read in the bath. Sometimes I’ll soak with some salt or lavendar bath salts. I put lavendar essential oil on the bottom of my feet as well.

    Making sure I have a small snack if I’m feeling like my temp might be low also helps. Sometimes if I’m really not in the mood to eat I’ll just have a few spoonfuls of the sugar salt mixture.

    Doing a body scan is also a nice way to send yourself off to sleep. There’s a bunch of ones online and you can google some to see what you may like. I also remember on here someone posted about Deepak Chopra’s CDs for sleep and she said it was really helpful.

    I can’t nap as it disrupts my sleep.

    Steven, I wonder if there was anything you did differently that allowed you to sleep 6 hours straight? I too slept really well last night and can’t remember waking up, which is a first for me!! I think it was the little snack I had before bed but I’m not sure.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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