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Tired of so much food

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    When will I can relax on food and eat it only when I’m hungry? Sometimes I feel so stuffed, I don’t desire more food but I force it down…

    Matt Stone

    If you are eating really yummy things that are calorie-dense, and things that you are in the mood to eat, and you don’t have a history of eating disorders – there’s probably no need to force down food at any time.


    Ok thank you matt :-)


    You’re just like me patch, same worries. I don’t have an appetite but I have a history of anorexia and my metabolism is like shit, I keep gainng weight, I’m cold and have a bad skin so I kinda have to force down the food even when I don’t want to, which is always…


    Hi natty, I have not history of eating disorders, but I have some symtomps of low metabolism, like cold feet xD

    What I have is OCD, that is my disorder, that, I think, affect also my recovery.
    I take medicines, SSRI. :)


    I found that when I’m really low on zinc my appetite dies. So if I am consistently having a hard time eating a normal amount of food I know my zinc is too low again.


    I also have problems with this sometimes. But like Matt says, calorie-dense foods that are yummy are good.
    I can eat 2000 kcal if I eat at McDonalds, but if I eat 3 pounds of potatoes which is only half the kcal it can take me up towards an hour to eat all of em.

    The health freak in me is still pushing those potatoes on me :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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