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    Hi, I have a cavity issue with my molar. In the beginning, I thought it will get reversed on its own so that I controlled my sugar and sticky food consumptions!
    Unexpectedly, now it has become abstruse. I don’t know why maybe it is because of my habit, that I used to clean inside the cavity while brushing and after every meal(mostly I used toothpick and pins)! Due to discomforts while eating and slight pain, I consulted a doc in Toronto, I had a detailed scan. Literally, I’m kind of depressed by knowing that I need an emergency root canal pain treatment, as the cavity has become deeper so that filling won’t be useful anymore! I regret my actions, I could have visited him far before so that I could have filled my tooth.
    I’ve got an appointment for tomorrow eve, so I’d like to know what to expect after the treatment. Especially what it feel after the procedure?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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