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    Okay, this is all pretty new to me and I could really use some help as I can’t think clearly, my energy is totally flat, my positive, playful, confident attitude is non-existent and it’s the worse timing because I need all of that stuff urgently as I have job interviews and need to be on form.

    I started the whole Candida battling thing a few years ago and have been low-carb since then going even more strict in Feb of this year and then to GAPS.

    I found the less I ate, the clearer I could think, but energy was a real crap shoot, there one minute, gone the next. Sleep started getting disrupted with the 3am wake up. Body aches. Trouble pooping, Couldn’t exercise without totally wiping myself out.

    I know this sounds familiar which is why I started RRARF 2 weeks ago – really downing the potatoes and raw milk in addition to good veges and some protein.

    Head went all whacky, as expected, but it’s two weeks later and while I believe this is still the right path, I really need my clarity and enthusiasm back for the meetings and interviews I am going through right now for my career.

    When I was without carbs I could think straight, in fact the less I ate the clearer I thought. So there’s a draw to quit RRARF to get the clarity back, but I know that’s not a long term solution and I this stuff makes sense to me.

    I just need some insight into how long this is likely to stick around or is there a way to get the clarity back?

    My basal temps aren’t crazy low, lowest was 97.4 but most of the time around 97.8, even hit 98.0. Haven’t measured the last few days.

    I’ve avoided white sugar up until yesterday when I read Matt’s bit on Pineapple and sucrose, so tried adding some in – more maple syrup and pineapple than sugar – to see if that helps, but so far no more energy.

    Any thoughts, advice, feedback would be awesome. Thank you!


    I guess there is no time limit on how long the fatigue will last. In diet recovery 2 Matt outlines what are common things to expect, and in the FAQ section there are even more. I have been experiencing this same fatigue corpse like date for the past 3 weeks.
    I think all you can do is embrace it. If you can gabdle it, maybe you could cut out your workouts for a bit as that could be limiting your progress prrhaps?
    Keep on keepin on!


    When refeeding, your adrenals take a vacation, so to speak… it can take a while for that feeling to subside. For me it was gradual, and I took advantage of that feeling to rest as much as possible. I think how long it lasts depends on how stressed your body was and for how long.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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