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    (I wasn’t sure where to post this, but I figured it was disease-related.)
    My husband and I have some long-term travel plans, starting with Mexico for 6 months. We are hoping to go to South America and Southeast Asia as well in the next couple years. Other than the mandatory vaccines, do you guys have any recommendations for staying healthy while traveling?
    I’m not overly concerned about it, but some reasonable precautions are probably a good idea.
    Originally I had planned to do a whole parasite cleanse and maintenance program, but the whole thing just didn’t feel right to me. And now that my temperature is much higher (and presumably my immune system is functioning better), I feel like maybe that’s enough? Am I being naive?
    Would love some input from you guys! Thanks in advance!! :-)


    Joie, I am sorry I did not see this before.

    If you’re going to S.E. Asia, EAT EVERYTHING COOKED. Don’t even eat fruit uncooked. That is my number one suggestion. Boil water that you drink.

    If you can afford it, eat only at upscale restaurants. They should still be reasonably cheap for you. Don’t decide to eat at little shit holes, because that’s what they will be: shit holes.

    As far as supplements, I would take my stand-by HCL Acid and possibly some Lyposhperic Vitamin C.

    I would take along some good anti-diarhea medicine. I know that some people here are going to warn you off of these, and normally so would I, but you’re going to be on vacation and wanting to enjoy it, so….

    I’m going to be honest with you, even with these precautions, you will probably get some stomach upset during your travels; however, I think the above recommendations will help. At least, they help me when I go there.


    I lived in India and had a bout of food poisoning. Oh my God. I wanted to die. It was awful. I ate raw fruits (only whole and peeled, though) but I only drank bottled or boiled water. I did eat at little hole in the wall type places but made sure everything was cooked well. The one time I got ill was from some coconut chutney (made with tap water). I’m actually surprised I didn’t get ill more because I wasn’t very careful. I was a missionary and had to eat what I was served. I was a vegetarian at the time so I mostly ate rice, dahls and cooked veggies.
    Have fun!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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