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Unable to sweat…PLEASE HELP!!

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    Hello all. Long-time lurker, first time poster. I am a 33 year old male and will make my story very short and sweet. Was in great health until I started intermittent fasting 6 years ago. Then I started restricting carbs. I’ve been naturally lean and muscular my entire life, and was living at 6-7% bodyfat for about 4 years. I went from looking and feeling to great to looking and feeling like shit. I was obviously severely restricting calories, and over exercising and taking loads of fat burners in the fasted state. About a year ago I started eating carbs again, and started feeling freezing cold since then.

    About 3 years ago now, I went to the gym and noticed I no longer could sweat. I did sprints and also sat in the sauna and didn’t sweat a bead. I just got really red and itchy. I have not been able to sweat since. I have also developed bouts of chronic fatigue during this time, as well as freezing cold hands and feet (especially right after eating). I cannot raise my body temps for anything, no matter how much or what I eat.

    I have been eating high carbs, high calories the past 2 months, about 3500 calories per day. I have went up in weight from 158-175 in that time. I am 10 lbs over my heaviest ever weight. I have a small frame and just dont look or feel good at this weight. I am a trainer as well, so getting fat isn’t a good look or very feasible.

    Any advice out there on what to do?

    Anyone ever heard of anyone no longer being able to sweat? How to go about it?

    What about the freezing cold hands/feet/nose after and during eating?

    My thyroid lab #s were low, but probably because my body is crashed. I have taken up to 2 grams of thyroid medication, and didn’t feel a thing nor did my pulse or temps raise. Body temps currently run anywhere from 97.3-98.3. Nothing I have done has raised them at all. Thanks for any help and assurance anyone can give me


    Hey, I don’t sweat either. I used to go to the gym with my hubby. When we were done he was drenched in sweat. Not me. I was a little warm but no sweat. I didn’t understand it until I started reading Matt’s books. Not sweating is another symptom of low metabolism. I can’t get my temp up & I have been working at this for a long time. I still have cold hands too. It seems the warming foods don’t work anymore.

    You have been doing this for 2 months? Give yourself more time. I have been at this for a year & still stuck. Hopefully it won’t take you as long to see some improvement.


    Hey Linda thanks for your reply. I did know that not sweating was a sign of a tanked metabolism. I was just wondering if anyone ever truly got any relief and started sweating again. From what I understand, once you get to that point (of being unable to sweat), things are really out of whack. I have yet to hear any stories of people who quit sweating that actually begin to sweat again.

    I guess that’s why I am wondering if there is any real solution once you get to this point. I don’t feel like any warming foods or anything help me at all. I don’t know if I can put on 40-50 lbs to find out if there is a possible solution. I have tiny wrists and ankles and bone structure in general, so even 5 lbs is very noticeable, especially in my face. I have already gone up 15+ lbs and 2 pant sizes in just a few weeks, and I’m not even eating “junk” food per se. Eating tons of potatoes and sweet potatoes and rice for starches, with loads of salt and honey, and also alot of rice krispies and corn flakes either dry or with very little milk. I am really surprised to be gaining this much weight given I am always on my feet all day and not eating that much.


    This time last year I was not able to sweat AT ALL. It was so bad that I felt like I was going to die when exposed to hot, direct sunlight. Since consuming more warming foods, lots of calories and salt, and less liquids, I can now sweat again. I am far from perfect, as I can still experience difficulty sweating if I don’t take care of myself, but I am much better. During my hottest periods of the day I can sometimes find myself sweating at 23 degrees celcius.


    Thanks Alatoras for your reply. I am hoping I can stick it out long enough to get where you are at. I just don’t know if I can continue to gain weight at this rate. I just don’t feel good comfortably or mentally at this weight. It’s uncomfortable for me to feel and actually be overweight.

    How much weight have you gained since you started this ordeal?

    Are you still gaining, or have you leveled off?

    Thanks for your reply Alatoras I greatly appreciate it.



    At 182cm tall and male, I went from 57kg to 82kg in two months, then I started gaining much more slowly. Now 10 or so months later, I am 96kg and I feel like my weight gain has pretty much stopped.

    For me, how I look is not first priority; how I feel is. I feel much better now than I did a year ago. I’d estimate that 30% of the weight gained has been muscle.


    I used to go to the gym all of the time and never break one bead of sweat. Despite doing taxing exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc. Occasionally I might get a little red faced, but never sweat. It was crazy. But it was all directly related to my super low body temp (usually 96.8 to 97.1).

    When I started focusing more on starch, salt and saturated fat, my body temp got in the 98’s and I started sweating normally.

    Do you know how good it felt when I actually had to wipe sweat off my forehead? It felt like I accomplished something great, just by sweating. Now it’s normal for me, but I know where you’re at.

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