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    I’m halfway through Diet Recovery 2, and I keep thinking that the way he says to eat is the way I got fat in the first place? What am I missing here?


    For me – the way I got fat was a two-fold process:

    1) eating past satisfaction (ignoring my ‘full’ signals, especially when eating really yummy, calorie-rich foods)

    2) going on the roller-coaster calorie restrictive diets once a year for a few months at a time.

    To “Recover” from dieting – you have to first give yourself enough calories so your body goes into “abundance” mode… and turns up the HEAT on the metabolism. (I read Eat 4 Heat first, and it really clicked for me.)

    Once that happens, you need to really start LISTENING to all your body’s signals – and then give it what it really wants (plenty of real, whole, nutritious food) and also STOP eating when it tells you it’s had “enough”.

    If you read enough of Matt’s books, the other thing you should take away (at least, I did) – is that this is a very personal experience. Each body is unique in how it responds to different kinds of foods. You have to make your OWN plan to attain your own goals, and then experiment to find out what really works for you. There is no “quick fix” and there is no “perfect” diet that works for everyone.

    But… the big thing in Diet Recovery, is that it’s a process to recover from diets that will kill your metabolism (and thus your health). It is not a weight loss plan.


    Thanks. It is so tempting to just do a quick crash diet to get rid of the extra 20 lbs, then work on healing, but I really know that it’s not going to work.

    I’ve got symptoms of low metabolism and have had a practice of drinking a lot of water for years. Who knew?

    I’m also trying to understand what to do when I am tired. For example, I had a good breakfast of all the major components, took the dogs for a 40 or so minute walk (my usual habit), and now I want a nap. I’m not cold though.

    I originally gained a lot of weight in menopause and also began to eat to try to get some energy.

    Right now I am also healing from an injury so I’m working on being patient and making sure I get nutrient-dense foods.


    I’ve been known to take a nap on occasion… I work from home, so the “nap room” is very, very close an very, very comfy. And my dog is a lazy mastiff, who if very happy to nap with me. :)

    It’s amazing how good you feel after a 30 minute nap, on those days when you need one.

    Getting enough sleep is a big part of a diet recovery effort, too.

    If you read enough of the posts here, you’ll start to see how many different approaches there are to dieting, food, nutrition and even application of Matt’s methods… in the end, it has to be something that works for you – and I’m finding that takes a lot of self-awareness and experimentation. But, it’s nice that there’s someone out there – finally – that is advocating the “find your own path” mentality in the diet world!!

    Good luck on your health journey!


    A morning nap is a bit early for me. :)

    I’ve been trying to figure out how to reverse the weight gain for some time now. At least, it’s given me some more to think about.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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