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    Back in February, I fainted and broke one of my top front teeth. About a third of the tooth was lost, and it’s been capped with white filling; the nerve has not died so there has been no apparent need for a root canal or any other treatment. Ever since, though, that tooth and the neighbouring one, as well as others around my mouth (most frequently the lower front teeth) have been in pain. Sometimes it’s achy, sometimes it’s stabbing, and the dentist is mystified because they seem to respond normally to tests and look fine on X-ray.

    This is a major issue for me, because I play the trumpet both professionally and for fun; I need my teeth to play and am now losing income. I have a history of eating disorders and despite efforts to recover using Gwyneth Olwyn’s guidelines, I have chronically restricted my intake in the last few years in an effort to control my weight. I am not currently underweight according to BMI. My question is, could restriction of food intake be delaying the healing process, or even halted it completely?

    Kai Kamp

    First, your question: Caloric intake significantly lower than calculated BMR does slow down cellular metabolism. This means that all body processes, including healing slow. Nutrients and energy tend to be directed towards more critical organs and away from the periphery when under the stress of caloric/nutrient restriction.

    The problem is likely inflammation, which can take a while (months) to settle down. Try using 600-800mg of ibuprofen depending on body weight and see if it relieves it.

    Second, Tips: 1. Taking supplemental K2 along with adequate vitamin A and D has shown to have amazing bone (tooth) repairing properties. I have read amazing anecdotes of full resolution of multipule carries/tooth pain with high dose (5mg) MK-4 supplmentation. ( )
    2. Using Xylitol products are excellent for oral health by the way of destroying bacterial bio-films and interfering with bacterial sugar metabolism. ( )
    3. Clove oil can be used to temporarily numb. It is also bactericidal. ( )


    Thank you for your response, I will definitely try the K2, Xylitol etc. I should have made clear in my post that my undereating has not recently been severe – about 1800-2000 calories – where I’ve calculated my BMR at 1400. It’s more to do with eating less than I am hungry for. That’s a whole other issue, but for now my main focus is on getting these teeth back to normal through any means necessary!

    Happy to continue this conversation if anyone else has ideas to offer.


    I agree with Kai’s points and would add looking into adding probiotics and pineapple, too. Also make sure that you’re getting enough protein for your weight because without certain amino acids your body doesn’t make enough glutathione, which is the body’s master antioxidant.

    I recommend reading Dr. Ellie Phillips’ xylitol protocol, if you’re interested in more information about incorporating xylitol into your dental healing. She deals with a lot of regeneration issues as well, and recommends pineapple for its enzymatic healing benefits.

    If you enjoy reading and researching, her site is a treasure trove of info-

    However, you can start here-

    Her info is free and is very helpful. I’ve been doing her program for 2.5 months now and saw results within a week.

    However, if you really are following Gwyneth’s guidelines, then you should know that you are way under your calorie minimums. 2500 is the least she recommends, and if you are a male, or an <25 female, then you need 3000+ for recovery. Maybe go back and read

    Remember, this has to do with healing and not weight monitoring.


    Thank you…that’s all really interesting. Off to the shops now for supplements, pineapple, probiotics and protein-ful snacks!

    Yes, I’m all too aware that I’m not following Gwyneth’s guidelines. [ETA: I’m female, 5’4” and 24, so just within the 3000 calories category]. After a good attempt last year, I just got too uncomfortable with the increased weight and didn’t have the willpower to stick it out. I have used her question-and-answer service to see whether the current subclinical restriction might be affecting the teeth (waiting on her response). If she thinks an increase in energy intake to MinnieMaud levels will improve the tooth situation I will try it for the sake of my music-making, but otherwise I’m not sure I can currently summon the resolve, weak as that sounds.

    Thank you again for your responses.

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    Henrys Mom

    Aside from the excellent nutrition advice given I would look into Trigger Point therapy, which is basically massage with a focus on eliminating referred muscle pain. Perhaps when you fainted you caused some muscle injury that is causing this discomfort?

    I say this because I have had some facial/jaw pain that I was certain was some kind of tooth thing. Turns out it was a network of referred muscle pain from my mid back, neck up to my temple and jaw which ultimately causde very specific tooth pain. Believe me it wasn’t a tooth since I bothered my dentist like 5 times about it and even went so far as to get a sinus CT scan because it was that painful.

    Anywhoo, I borrowed this book from my massage therapist and it’s pretty dang accurate if you ask me.

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