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    Hi Matt and everyone around here!
    I have a question, for which I hope to find an answer. I have been recovering from an eating disorder and a low BMI for 2+ months now. I feel good, eat as much as a like etc etc.
    But, there are some things I find confusing:
    During my eating disorder, I was waking up at night, because of hunger, was thirsty, cold etc.– the typical scenario.
    But now, I am very warm during the day and night, but I still wake up at night (very tired, but cannot fall back asleep for about 40-60 minutes, sometimes less). I am not hungry, nor cold, but thirsty! And before you say, “Oh, you must be peeing often”, I would tell you that I am not. During the day, sometimes I am very thirsty and drink water, but I don’t pee often, so I guess my body needs the water.
    At night, when I wake up, I would sometimes sweat and be thirsty and very hot (no, I don’t have many sheets on and I don’t eat chocolate before bed).
    Furthermore, I pee once every 4 hours and still, my pee is sometimes light yellow. I don’t pee at night.
    I have no idea what this might be, but I really want to fall asleep and sleep during the whole night.
    I also have one delicate question, I am sorry for asking. From very constipated during ED (like once every 7 days), now I go to the toilet every day. BUT my stool is very soft and shapeless. It’s not like water, but still, it’s not a one stoll, nor several “well-shaped” parts. It’s just like soft ice cream. There is no need for wiping. Oh, and sometimes there is yellow mucus, but not often.
    I find those things so confusing and cannot seem to find an answer.
    I would be glad if someone could explain this. Thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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