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    So I’ve been doing my own thing, basically just eating pretty much to fullness, but at the same time vaguely watching what I was eating so that rather than a doughnut I would have a really tasty french baguette with raisins and stopped measuring my temps as I have given up on that. I have also been doing lots of enjoyable activities, and generally started practising being nice to myself rather than being at war and took on meditation. And this whole week my moods were stable throughout, I felt happy and generally really good, despite lacking in sleep. Tonight, not sure what has possessed me, but found my thermometer by the bedside so I took my temp out of curiosity and it was 36.9 C. :)
    I’m not going to start obsessing over my temperatures again but just wanted to say that actually focusing on temps and eating to help raising them was for me a major stress. Since I stopped doing all the refeeding and stopped focusing on temperatures my weight also stabilised and I am no longer losing or gaining weight whilst eating to fulness. And I still have my mojo, as Austin Powers would have said. :)

    The Real Amy

    This is really great, Scarlettsmum! I think a lot of people on the site will probably benefit from your experience, too.


    That’s great! Do you have any idea of how many calories(on average) your hunger takes you to?


    Sounds great! I love the idea of not obsessing, but instead just making sure you fulfill your appetite and make healthier choices, like your example of replacing a doughnut with a baguette with raisins.

    To be honest, I’ve never once taken my temperature. I’m just not concerned about numbers–instead I monitor how I feel.

    mighty m

    Right now, sourdough baguettes and like heaven’s own manna to me. No joke, I had a dream about them right when I was reaching the end of my rope on no-grains-eating. Talk about a sign! I’m more flexible now as I get a little stronger, but for a couple months, I ate a chunk with butter, jam and salt before bed nightly so I could sleep through.

    So happy to hear you are happy and doing well, Scarlettsmum!


    How wonderful! It sounds like you are taking a lot of good steps that are sustainable… it feels so good to get into your groove doesn’t it!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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