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    After being UTI free for three years, I got one again yesterday. Definitely recognized the symptoms early and really wanted to avoid antibiotics, so I bought cranberry juice concentrate and drank it like mad (with water, of course), occasionally adding in salt as well. And amazingly, by nighttime my UTI symptoms were next to nothing. However, I had a lot of stomach and intestinal gurgling throughout the night, and this morning I am having some serious diarrhea – it’s weird because, I have a really loose sticky poo, and then I just shit clear liquid. It’s like, not even mixing, so I have both diarrhea poo and diarrhea liquid. What fun! At least it’s not painful at all, not one bit. And…My bladder is perfectly happy. I suspect I gave myself a bit of a colon cleanse with all that juice concentrate crap.

    I guess my question is, what do I do now? Do I continue drinking water / cranberry juice (perhaps more moderately) for a few days to avoid the infection returning (or to continue making it get better, if it’s still there)? I cannot emphasize how much I want to avoid antibiotics if possible. They make me feel *really really* awful – but of course, if they are the only choice I wouldn’t refuse them. I definitely don’t want to end up with a kidney infection. But right now it seems OK, I just don’t want it getting bad again. I’d take watery poo-y diarrhea over antibiotic side effects (which include painful and less-controllable diarrhea) any day.

    Oh and yeah, what kind of food to eat now? Appetite really low, but I am 99% sure it will return with a vengeance tonight or tomorrow. I’m thinking salty things will help with all the water and diarrhea. And rice.

    The Real Amy

    In Pursuit of Balance, I can recommend 2 things for UTIs: 1) D-mannose and 2) Aloe juice. D-mannose is what’s in cranberry juice, but if you take the supplement rather than the huge quantities of juice, you can probably avoid the poo issues. The e-coli bacteria attach to the d-mannose in the urinary tract and get washed out when you pee. It’s amazing for UTIs. Aloe juice helped me as well after I had a kidney infection, but that’s more of an ongoing preventive for a few days rather than to be used in an acute situation.


    Thanks very much! I actually read about D-mannose but unfortunately couldn’t find any in the nearby “health store”. I might look into aloe juice. thanks :)


    Unfortunately, the uti symptoms returned two days later when I stopped chugging crazy amounts of cranberry juice. Now am taking antibiotics.

    *sigh* let the “fun” begin…


    I have had a UTI for the past two months. I’m not sure if it’s the same one, or if I have had several in a short period of time. The first one I took antibiotics for and it seemed to clear up. Two weeks later I got another one, took antibiotics, and it has been a month and still hasn’t cleared up. I don’t want to take antibiotics again since I don’t think they are effective and I now have problems with burning/itching down there.
    I have tried d-mannose, cranberry, and acv with no luck. I’ve never had this before, and it’s been a nightmare.

    The Real Amy

    and21, I would recommend you get the urine tested to determine the bacteria type causing the UTI. Doctors generally prescribe an antibiotic that will work on e-coli bacteria, which is the most common cause of a UTI. D-mannose only works on e-coli, so if it’s not working you most likely have a different type of bacteria. Which also probably explains why the antibiotics aren’t working.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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