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    I can tell you what does NOT raise metabolism: green juice. I mix a few leaves of raw kale (found out if you steam it it clogs up the juicer) with apple and ginger and some carrot, and when I drink it my body temperature plummets, much more than if I’d just had an equal quantity of plain water. I think I’ll sell the machine.


    I agree!

    I add greens to my smoothie – but I make it in the blender (vitamix) and don’t put more than a handful in.

    Juice is a LOT of water… maybe if you added salt to add some metabolism lifters?

    I “had” to have a juicer a few years ago… it’s fun, but I can’t justify using it anymore.


    Gosh and I used to drink so much of that stuff. Gross and lots of work. Goes to see how insane we can be as humans..
    Tonights dinner- Baked sweet potato with plenty of parmesan cheese and salted butter. lavender ice cream for dessert (:


    Ooh! Lavender ice cream. Is it homemade? Sounds lovely.


    I bought it but it’s made in small batches by hand. The ingr. are milk, cream, sugar, black currants, tapioca syrup, natural sweet orange flavor, lavender, tapioca starch. And all the dairy is from grass fed cows (:
    I love me some quality, yummy and pretty food!
    you can look it up.
    I bought it at my local health food store.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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