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    Hi everyone,

    For the last few years, I have been getting my testosterone numbers tested about two or three times per year. I am male and 33 years old now and when I was in my early 20s, I had my testosterone tested and my total was in the upper 200s. Very low for someone that age. In the last several years my total has generally been in the mid to upper 100s and with my last test, my total was 97. My free serum was 4.10 on that same test. I have had FH and LH tested numerous times and the number are right in the middle of normal. Most of my other numbers are normal with the exception of some of my liver numbers. When I started with Peat’s diet and then Matt’s diet and both diets resulted in liver numbers that were really abnormal. I have had lots of luck with lipoic acid normalizing almost all of those numbers. (For example, ALT was 200 consistently for many tests and then on my last test was 70). The testosterone numbers unfortunately are what I said above. My symptoms are consistent with those numbers. No sex drive and total apathy.

    I have tried DHEA and oysters, which do not really seem to help with low T symptoms. I have been on a diet that I think everyone here would approve of since March of 2012. I do not think that most supplements for sex drive will help because most of them raise pituitary hormones rather than have impact on testicular function. The thing is that my numbers are SO low that I do not think that it is something to do with lifestyle. I think that it is something else that is physiologically wrong. I think that it is most likely due to taking Accutane as a teenager if I had to guess.

    I am just curious if anyone has any ideas on what to do when testosterone levels are this bad. I would really like to avoid supplemental testosterone because of the side effects.


    How’s your exercise program look? Lifting heavy weights can stimulate androgen production, and it’ll help with confidence and body composition too.

    Any other symptoms besides low T?


    I generally do not exercise much due to low energy and my tendancy to crash very easily. Like I said, I do not think that this is merely exercising or lifestyle changes.

    Low energy, low sex drive, weight gain only around the mid-section and face, high insulin levels, high blood sugar.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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