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Views on junk food and PUFAs?

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    Sugar is not “addictive”, it’s just necessary for you to survive. It’s a legitimate craving and the happy response in your brain is a legitimate response to receiving nutrition it was craving, unlike drugs that give that response artificially. You eat more sugar, you stop wanting so much after a while. I do think exercise is also critical to health, you can’t eat ding dongs all day and not move. Our bodies are meant to eat and our bodies are meant to move (except for periods of healing, as when refeeding for a while, sickness etc.). Eating sugar helps you move more!

    We cook with coconut oil and eat real butter and we cook our meals for the most part. We do get a domino’s pizza once a week. :) But I do try to limit the pufa’s but a few here and there I don’t worry about. Main thing we haven’t done is start making our own mayo. I keep meaning to.


    I’m not sure why you’d think sugar isn’t addictive. Whole books have been written on that subject. They know for a fact it is addictive, and I know people who crave it horribly. And it’s usually the exact opposite, the more you eat the more you want to eat. You’re right we do need glucose to survive, but you can eat/drink too much of anything, including water.

    I know a woman who is so addicted to sugar, if she doesn’t eat it for a day she goes through full-blown withdrawal symptoms. And based on the rest of her diet, she’s getting plenty of carbs and calories where she isn’t starved or anything.


    This woman who is addicted to sugar – does she eat just straight up sugar, in any form be it sucrose or dextrose, etc.. I doubt it, most people “crave” sugar when it is combined with something else like another kind of carb or a fat, i.e., when it tastes really delicious and most people don’t find plain sugar all that satisfying. I don’t think sugar addiction can be on par as drug addiction and yes, I’ve also heard the studies of sugar lighting up those same brain areas as drugs but that is just part of the story.


    She eats candy bars, cookies, things like that. I can’t remember if she drinks soda. Of course nobody just eats sugar straight, they eat it in things like the aforementioned foods. But the fat certainly isn’t the addicting issue. I don’t believe sugar addiction is as severe as drug addiction, certainly, but I do believe it is an issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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