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Wanted:Female buddy/support who eat at least 3000cals daily

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    Hello all,
    You can read most of my history in rantings on the blog.
    I am,what they consider underweigth,though in the past ive been overweigth from a fairly early age and thats how i stumbled upon going to the gym to cardio 5days a week years ago. After quitting for about a year,i went back but started weigths after stumbling upon more&more articles about the benefits. So,now im going everyday to do some exercises but feel mentally like im not working out and just doing something,all. the while just shitting around still with eating patterns,macrofears etc.
    So recently i spoke with a practitioner who recommended eating at least 3000cals based upon Peat inspired eating.i only dont eat starch,only simple sugars.
    Id like to be able to do this and eat 3meals a day and get rid of all my foodphobias,especially about eating much and deliciously simultaneously while starting a lifting protocol based upon Wendlers 5/3/1,bc i want to become massively strong!bc i really lack good arm strength and people now always discriminate me that im too frail to handle stuff,especially bc im also. not tall. So,part of the exercising is still out of here,but another part wNts to focus on becoming strong and had grown to love that daily pattern.
    Funny,in the past i was being discruminated for being overweigth and now for looking too frail!

    Anyway,im scared shitless to do this especially. bc i xperience weird moods/symptoms after eatimg or when waking which makes it hard for me to be able to do this&enjoy this.
    Also from a. Practical standpoint bc i lack inspiration as to what to eat or everything i try to prepare failing,so i eat bland.

    So,ladies,can you please help me out?!i really need buddies,recipes etc.
    Bonus,if you happen to be or studying. For a practitioner based upon Peat priciples or a trainer.
    Please,please,please……pm me,bc i can no longer go on like this yet i need encouraging stories,ideas,help etc.


    Hi Dutchie, I’m not sure how to private message you so I’m just replying to this. I’d be more than happy to be your buddy! I stopped dieting or following any sort of meal plan in February and then really began eating 3,000 calories in May. Prior to that I have been strict paleo and then even began weighing and measuring my food as I added in a sweet potato, which made me nervous. I lost my period about 3 years ago but it has returned since I started eating and have taken a break from exercise.

    I LOVE to cook and would be more than happy to tell you about what I eat and what i am cooking for my family and I and inspire you with recipes, etc. My family are all huge foodies and many of my siblings are chefs as well. I did notice mood swings when I first started eating more but now things have evened out. Please feel free to email me at

    I’m not studying for to be a practicioner based on Peat principles or a trainer but I do have a psychology background and work as a school psychologist (bonus I have the summer off and have loads of time to support you!) I am also very into mindfulness as a way to manage anxiety and life in general and I find that being mindful and doing some daily meditation has really helped me in this process. I think doing a body scan lying down in the afternoon has helped raise my temperature too! After focusing on my fluid intake for the past 3 days, I’ve noticed that my temperature is just rising and rising. Today I woke up and it was 99.1!

    I also love the idea of getting strong and my family is really into exercise and crossfit. My sister is a personal trainer and made it to the crossfit games. Currently, I’m taking a break from exercise until I get 3 periods in a row.

    Anyway, please email me if you’d like to be buddies!


    Oh thanks for the offer,I’ll definitely mail you within the coming days.
    I would love recipe ideas,though I have to mention I don’t eat starch and am more relying on carbs from simple sugars.


    I wish I could see what you both eat in a typical day. What foods do you eat most often? What are your favorites? I need ideas.


    @readforjoy thats exactly my problem also,i lack inspiration as to what to eat too.


    I am not sure if I need 3,000 calories or even how many I am eating right now. I stopped counting about a week ago. I struggle with actual meals and what to eat. I think if I became used to real meals then eating in the middle of the night would stop.


    I probably need that many calories or more on my more active days. We are building a house right now so once our work really kicks in, I will need at least that much!


    I wasn’t sure if I would join in on the 3000 calories. I don’t really know how much I eat per day. I tried counting a while ago but who knows how accurate that was. I was just trying to get at least 2500. I’m not even sure my post fits here. Now that it is summer I find that I only want to eat what Matt calls cooling foods and drink way to much liquid. It is definitely not doing me any good. Anyone else having that problem? Sorry if that doesn’t belong here. I keep thinking I’m not eating enough of the warming foods, but in this heat who wants to? I’m just stuck with my morning temp at 97.7 for 3 months. It would be nice to see a little improvement. I think it will help if you all start talking about the foods you are eating. When I think about what food to eat to get those calories all I think of are desserts.


    What are some examples of the cooling foods?


    Here’s an example of what I ate on 7/7/13 along with my temperatures
    7:45 waking temp: 99.1
    Pre-breakfast: small bowl of cereal with raw whole milk
    8:45 4 small chocolate chip pancakes with syrup, sip of coconut water
    9:15 temp 98.8
    10:00 bite of pretzel
    11:30 finished off the chocolate chip pancakes, some with syrup, some without, few potatoes with salt from last night, few bites of the grass-fed beef sausage from last night, about 1/8 cup of milkshake (chocolate ice cream and whole raw milk), sip of cranberry juice and sparkling water.
    12:00 temp 100
    1:20 one fish taco with a little bit rice, little bit potatoes, ? cup cranberry juice and sparkling water
    2:30 big sip of coconut water
    3:00 peppermit patty, big sip coconut water
    4:00 fish taco, potatoes (grilled), rice, 5 grapes
    6:30 sips of cranberry and sparkling water, ? grass fed beef sausage, small bit polenta, few steamed green beans, 3 slivers of grilled zuchinni.
    10:30 before bed tenp 98.5

    Here’s what I ate 7/8
    7:45 waking temp 98.7
    7:55 zen raspberry oat muffin, cottage cheese with maple syrup
    10:00 left over potatoes with extra salt, raw whole milk with chocolate syrup
    11:00 2 chocolate chip cookies, sip of cranberry and sparkling water
    11:30 ? grass-fed sausage, polenta with basil, grilled zuchinni, mini coconut ice cream bar.
    12:00 99.2
    1:30 salt under tongue and sips of cranberry and sparkling water
    snacks: crackers and raw goat cheese, a few grapes, then later cottage cheese with cereal, cereal with raw whole milk, ginger cookie
    5:00 99.3
    6:30 small bit quinoa and corn pasta with zuchinni and parmesean cheese. Sips of cranberry water and coconut water
    10:30 98.5

    I’m not sure how inspiring that is. I’ve been enjoying going to the farmer’s markets and so have been having meals around that- the sausage, potatoes, green beans, zuchinni, raw milk, cheese, all came from there. My snacks are often left-overs. I’ll try and think of some exciting things that I’ve been eating and post them. I made blue corn pancakes the other day and those were great! Just picked up some red potatoes and corn from the farmer’s market so I’ll be making with those soon.

    I don’t count my calories but when I first started eating more I did and was surprised at how easily I could eat 3000 calories! Now I imagine I’m around 2500-3500?


    Thanks! I appreciate that. :)

    I need to start eating real meals and stop snacking on small stuff!


    is there even an ability to PM on this forum?

    Dutchie, do you mind if I ask which Peat inspired coach you consulted with? Many of them provide quite a few recipes.


    I found eastwest healings ‘Metabolic Blueprint Cookbook’ quite good for recipes that don’t contain gluten.


    @Rodzilla it was billy i contacted. Sure,i got some recipes from him but that was also the point where we werent on the same pago so to say and stuff didnt work out like i hoped it would. Though i have to say that its not his fault. I think hes very intelligent and would recommend him to people struggling with healthissues.


    Other peatpractitioners i came across,all have some recipes on their site but the problem’s its all. Kinda the same recipes and usually make heavy use of eggs and cream. Cream/cowdairy i dont seem to tolerate well.


    Yesterday i saw a videolink posted at the site of 30daysabanana of a raw vegan girl who supposedly ate 4000cals a day,not exercising heavily,while staying lean. Unfortunately i couldnt watch the video bc it gave an error.
    Does anyone happen to know that video?

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