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My first week back to consistent exercise

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    Last week, after returning from vacation to the cold in Massachusetts from Sunny Florida, I started exercising. If eagerness for getting fit counts as feeling the urge to workout (in regards to how I should feel after my temps are up) I guess you could say I was there. My temps had been up in the 98’s preceding vacation. I realize I probably was eating a lot of PUFAs as we ate out a lot and I didn’t take my temp on vacation (my family would have thrown the thermometer out the window) so assuming my temps were still up ?which I did confirm once back to the workweek it was a good time to start exercising. I also got brave and actually weighed myself confirming the weight gain from RRARFing and vacation that put me @ a 15 pound weight gain (on top of a previous 15 pound weight gain). Looking at pictures of myself from vacation, all I can do is laugh at how chunky I look. It’s like it is a different person.
    So last week I got in 4 days of exercise. I took a Body Combat class, an Express Crossfit class, did two different T5 workouts, and on one of those days, I also walked ? this was yesterday. I have been tracking calories, allowing 1600 and eating whatever calories I burn as well. So most days in excess of 2000 calories. I am tracking calories to get a sense of how much I am eating. If I feel hungry and am all out of calories, I eat.
    Yesterday I walked in the morning (not too far, maybe 2 miles) and then felt up to it, so I did a T25 workout @7pm. I wasn’t necessarily hungry after that but hadn’t eaten in a while so I have bowl of cereal with whole milk. I took a shower and went to bed. I did go to bed with a wet head, but I was freezing and my feet were cold (granted it is freezing here in MA). I got hungry @11 and had to pee a few time (I had a workout replacement drink following my workout) and I was kind of wired. SO I got up and had a snack with a glass of milk, this helped me calm down and get to sleepI had to get up and pee @ 3 a.m. and was able to get back to sleep (thank god).
    My waking temp- which has been at least 98 upon rising was 97.6 (not that low I know). I was hungry this morning, I had a Kind Bar, then a smoothie (almond milk, yogurt (whole milk), frozen fruit, chia seeds, coconut oil and some whey protein powder) , then finished it off with a bowl of cereal.
    This brought my temp up to 98.
    I was going to go to the gym today, but decided not- came in later to work and have to leave a little early so I didn’t really have the time at lunch?.and figured, I would rest and see if my temp comes back up?
    Just checked my temp and it’s up to 99.1!
    Is your waking temp the best indicator of your metabolism working optimally? Or is everyone different? Could doubling up yesterday (walking & T25) effected my metabolism that quickly?
    Interesting that now I know what to look for, the wired feeling, sleep disruption, cold feet, peeing frequently all of these things become easy to identify and can signal when to back off and reefed a little?

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