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Why I never want to weigh myself again

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    I haven’t weighed myself since February when I stopped dieting and I never plan to again. I’ve been tempted to weigh myself recently because I think I’ve stopped gaining weight and at times think maybe I’m loosing weight or at least loosing some bloat. The reason I haven’t weighed myself and never plan to again is because it messes with me and changes the way I live my life. For example, it may change the way I eat- if I got on the scale and had lost a few pounds it may make me want to eat a little less to keep it going, or to eat a little more because maybe that’s what made me loose weight.If I gained weight than that too may also change the way I eat…all in all I’d be letting the scale dictate my food intake rather than my body and my natural hunger cues and food desires. Beyond eating, I know that I can let the number on the scale effect me too much and make me have a “bad” or “good” day and I don’t want to go down that road again.

    I plan to get pregnant again soon and I plan to turn around backwards on the scale and not know my weight. This is what I’ve done in my past doctors appointments and it’s awesome. F you scale!


    Great post. I have been weighing myself lately. There is a scale in the house now and its freaking tempting. I will have my fiance hide it AGAIN. I totally understand how the scale dictates your day, behavior, and thinking. It’s crazy how much power I can give to a number. You’re doing great!


    Yay for you! I gets much easier as time goes on. I never weighed myself growing up and only started when I developed an ED. I threw the scale away last year and it would be tempting at the hospital (I’m a nurse) or a friend’s house to step on their scales. But after not having a scale for awhile, I honestly don’t have any desire to know how much I weigh. I was weighed at the doctor’s recently and I had a little meltdown, but I was fine. I know I weigh at least 10 pounds more now since I’m pregnant, and I’m fine with that too. I’m amazed at how I’m starting to feel more and more ‘normal’ as time goes on.


    I didn’t scale myself in the last few months and now I don’t even own a scale. I hope that if I feel great, than my body must feel great and that’s fine for me. I know I should loose some fat, but the scale won’t help me as much as eating the right way, exercising (it actually makes me happy and always did, I can’t believe I let life stop me from exercising) and resting enough.


    I weighed myself. Yesterday my parents scale was just too tempting. I told myself whatever it said would be okay and it is. I was prepared to see 10 lbs more (I was telling myself that if I saw that number it’d be okay and I wouldn’t change anything). When I weighed myself it was about 5pm and I already had about 3 meals. I decided to weigh myself in the morning thinking it might be a little less and it wasn’t. Exactly the same. Do I wish I never weighed myself? Yes. I have been obsessively thinking about how much weight I’ve gained (22 lbs since February when I last weighed myself) and then thinking of how much more since my lowest weight… I’ve been using mindfulness to notice when I’m doing that and bring myself back to the present.

    Has knowing my weight changed my eating? Not at all. I eat what I’m hungry for and make sure I eat some starch. I would be satisfied to eliminate bread and starch but I know it’s important for me to keep eating them so I continue to get my period and get pregnant.

    Knowing my weight isn’t going to stop me from putting on a bathing suit and going to the beach in a few minutes.

    I’m tempted to weigh myself next week before I leave here to see if my weight has changed but I really hope I don’t. I don’t think it will do any good because I’d be hoping to see a lower number and seeing anything higher won’t do anything good. All in all not too much harm done by the scale but I wish I avoided it all together.

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