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    Hi, really feeling lost. I read Diet Recovery II back in April, gradually stopped being vegan, intrtroduced animal products into my diet over a couple of months (dairy and fish, no meat) and also stuff like sugar and other junky processed foods which I hadn’t touched for 3 years. Started putting on weight straight away and I’ve put on 2 stone now since april: I started at 9 stone and I’m now 11 stone. I’m uncomfortably overweight and it affects what I am able to do..I can’t even walk properly as the tops of my thighs rub together when I walk and its really uncomfortable, especially when its hot. I do gymnastics and my agility has plummeted. I stopped doing cardio exercise back in June, I used to do running and circuit training and cross fit and felt really fit. Now I do hot yoga and gymnastics twice a week, surf once a week and avoid cardio. Feel a bit like an elephant.Anyway, I could deal with all this if my health had improved, it would be worth it. It hasn’t. My main problems are that I can’t sleep at night and I am chronically fatigued in the day. Other signs of low metabolism are dry skin on my lower legs, poor dental health, irritable moods. Really, if I could just sleep at night, I think everything would be ok, but nothing seems to help. I go to sleep ok, but I wake up, repeatedly, without fail, every single night. At the very least twice, often more. I have to eat in the night a lot of the time too, or at least in very early morning, around 6am. I have salt, gelatine and magnesium mix before bed every night, have done for months. Also I’ve tried ice cream every night before bed. I’ve done all the stuff people recommend like epsom salt baths, no screens in evening, blue light reduction specs, sleeping in dark room with no tech in the room, nothing works. I’ve read Eat for Heat and try to eat this way.

    My temperature in the morning fluctuates between 36.5 and 36.9 – this is vaginal temp – should it be higher? I’m a bit confused as Matt and others say an oral, armpit or rectal temp of 36.7 is ok but my oral temp is about a degree lower than my vaginal temp so i don’t really know where i should be. My pulse is usually around 60.

    I can’t bear the thought of getting any fatter. I’m now trying reduce sugar intake as much as possible because of this, although i am still eating sugar, not as much as i want though. I don’t really eat loads of processed food though, it doest really appeal to me, my diet is pretty conventionally “healthy”. Its really doing my head in. I spend all day thinking about how fat I am. 3 years ago, before I first dieted and got myself into this mess, i had gone up to 10.5 stone, and then i lost weight. so i was kind of thinking that was where i would stop this time, but i haven’t. I’m still putting it on. How do I know i will ever stop putting on weight? Matt talks about fat proofing your body but how do you know that will happen? There are plenty of obese people walking round who clearly aren’t fat proof, or healthy. Where do I draw the line? when i get to 12 stone or 13 stone or 20 stone? being this overweight is already stressing me out as i can’t do the same things i could before. I just want to be able to sleep. I got a blood test from my doctor to check my thyroid and he says it is fine. Is there anything I am missing here? would be really grateful if anyone has any advice.


    I’m feeling like you have a similar situation as I do. Maybe not exactly the same with symptoms, but definitely with feeling the frustration with not seeing improvements while growing a fat ass (pardon my French lol).

    I haven’t been doing this program nearly as long (it will be 3 months on October 11). I have gained 30 pounds already!! Still the temps have not gone up (I take them orally with a traditional thermometer so I don’t have to worry about dead batteries) and many of my other menstrual issues haven’t improved. My moods have gone kinda wack since I’ve started and I noticed a few sneaky little symptoms of PCOS coming back (which I had thought I had gotten rid of when I was reducing calories/carbs and from taking estrosmart, which is a supplement to help with estrogen dominance). According to Matt, the PCOS symptoms should go away after awhile, plus I’ve upped my dose of Estrosmart.

    When I started the program, I stopped taking the supplement Adrenasmart because I assumed that with higher calories and carbs my sleep would improve without needing the supplement for my adrenals. WRONG!! Just like you, I was waking up multiple times of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep. I figured that if I didn’t get any sleep, I wouldn’t be able to see any improvements with regards to temps and improvements hormonally, therefore I started taking the Adrenasmart again and I’m actually able to sleep through the night (unless my temps are very low, then my sleep sucks). If I were you, I would definitely check out this supplement for your sleep as you may have a problem with high cortisol as I do. Such a vicious cycle to be stuck in; no sleep, fatigue and stress because of no sleep, stress raises cortisol, cortisol prevents sleep etc. etc.

    As for the dry skin situation, I may have a solution that you could try. I only use natural body wash and shampoo (conventional shampoos and body washes can be pretty harsh with all the chemicals) and I do not wash my face with soap (If I wash my face with soap I get dry patches on my face and crazy breakouts that turn into a rash). Before a shower, I also do the body brushing method to loosen dead skin and at the end of my shower, before drying off, I moisturize my entire body with coconut oil and then dry off with a towel (this kind of wrecks your towels, so you might want one or two towels just for this). I also only shower every three days and wash my woman parts every day (sorry TMI haha).

    I do have fat moments where I think “OMFG I feel like a cow”, but then I’ve been on Pinterest and looked up plus size fashion and have gotten some ideas on how to cloth this new body of mine. Plus I look at pics of Ashley Graham and the old pics of Crystal Renn and I get reminded of how hot a plus size girl can look. I purchased a few new clothes (mostly from thrift stores) and I’m feeling pretty sexy :) I also do a program once a week called Callanetics which has helped to keep my figure more hour-glass instead of blimp, so maybe google this? I’ve used this program since I was 16 and it’s lovely. There is a beginner DVD, but now I’m doing the advanced program called Super Callanetics which is a little more intense.

    One question I have for you, when did your temps start going up? I’m just curious because you’ve been doing the program since April and it looks like you have more ideal temps (I can only get mine up to 97.8 F after ovulation and before ovulation, during my current cycle, I had an all-time low of 96.4, YIKES!!). I’m thinking that by the 3 month mark, I might have to start taking a supplement again called Thyrosmart to get those temps up, because I don’t know what my boyfriend’s cut-off is on the fat-o-meter before he’ll start being repulsed by me :( (Not that he can talk, he has a bit of weight issues himself, but I don’t care because I love him the way he is).

    Sorry for the novelette.


    Ahahahaha that is so funny – the fat-o-meter – i have same issue! My bf keeps asking me if i am going to put on any more weight. I have been taking adrenasense for last 3 months, doesnt seem to make a difference. Re my temps, my temps have been like this since i started, they have never gone up, but this is my vaginal temperature, my oral temperature is nearly a degree lower. Which is why i am confused about which temperature to go with. Because if i go with my oral temp then i am much lower than i should be.

    I like the pinterest idea. What i hate most about being fat is that when i walk, the tops of my thighs rub together. This makes walking in a dress almost impossible if its hot weather. I also hate not being as agile and mobile. And i try not to look at myself in the mirror too often as this just depresses me.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.


    I hear ya. The thighs are rubbing more than I’m used to. I’m thinking that if I have to worry about the thigh-rubbage while wearing a dress, I will probably invest in some Spanx, or something like that.

    I’m definitely having days where I think “when will this weight stop coming on”, but from reading some of the posts on the forum, it may be a long time. I’ve also noticed that more of the people on here are starting to relax more about the whole refeeding thing. When I first started, I thought I had to gorge myself. I actually got to the point where I didn’t want to even look at food. At the point I’m at now, I have no cravings for anything I used to crave. I pretty much only eat when I’m hungry now, rather than because I’m bored or craving something. I’m not going crazy on the junk food, but I’m not totally restricting myself either (I do try for organic/grass-fed/low PUFA, but I’m not always perfect). I’ve pretty much gotten to the point of not worrying about the types of food I eat, but I’ve always loved home cooking, fruits and veggies, so I’m not consuming too many over processed things.

    I’ve noticed that I get tired easier during my workouts, but I just relax about it and not beat myself up about it. The beauty of callanetics is that it is gentle while still isolating the deep muscles. Because of this workout, my body is fairly toned for my size and the weight-gain is pretty evenly distributed. I try to look for the positive; I have a nice bubble butt now (which I’ve never had) and my boobs are the biggest they’ve ever been and the bf sure appreciates that as well. From reading some of the posts on here, I’ve decided that I don’t really want to leave this whole weight gain thing up to chance, so I’m going to start doing some bodyweight exercises. I think the biggest thing is to just listen to your body when it’s tired and be gentle with your body. Seven years ago I was hit by a car while crossing the road and I wasn’t allowed to exercise for two months afterwards, until the doctor gave me the green light. I had a fractured pelvis, so when I was able to do weights again, I started at the lowest weight possible and slowly increased the weight as my body was improving. I’d say it took me about 5 months to get back to the same strength I was at before my accident. I think this is the same in our case now. Just slowly increase your stamina and agility and don’t beat yourself up about the fact that your not at the same energy level that you were before you started. Remember, you are healing your body from stress. You’ll get there. I believe if I start doing some weights, I’ll see improvements with the PCOS (because increasing muscle mass helps with regulating blood sugar and blood sugar problems are what cause PCOS) and I’m thinking the weight will stabilize eventually and I’ll tone my body further. I’ve always looked my best when doing weights.

    I’ve also looked at some photos of myself at my perceived ideal weight of 125 pounds, and I don’t look very sexy. When I was a teen, I always had a fuller face and a little fuller body at around 130 to 145 pounds and I thought I looked fat. I’m at 165 right now, but I still think I look sexier now than at 125. I’d say a sexy fat. I wish I had never started worrying about what I weighed, because 130 to 145 is where I look best and where I’m healthiest without worrying about what I eat.

    I hope that you can find something to help you sleep, because I think you’ll really start seeing more benefits. I wish I had the answer for you (maybe try Adrenasmart rather than Adrenasense. Adrenasmart is produced by the original developer Lorna Vanderhaghe. I noticed a difference in my results when I changed from Estrosense to Estrosmart, as I believe the formulas may be different). I’m going to start meditating again to help with stressful thoughts and hopefully, by not stressing my body with too much exercise and too much worry about gaining weight, I’ll be able to see even more improvements (plus I’m in the process of improving my financial situation which is stressful in itself). One thing is for certain, though, this refeeding has totally eradicated my anxiety and feelings of panic. I suffered with that for two years and I’m sure my body needs to repair from that as well.

    I think the magic happens when everything is balanced. Mind, body and spirit. Be kind to yourself and remember to listen to your body. As women, we are naturally intuitive but in order to connect to that intuition, we have to slow down and relax about life. Stop and smell the roses. I’m still learning this, but I’m getting better.

    I wish you all the luck and I hope you find that balance :)


    Thanks you so much for your encouragement and support. I think I may have actually stopped putting on weight these last couple of weeks. My temps have been up consistently last 4 days with a 36.9 oral temp in mornings which is brilliant for me, and the scales haven’t gone up for 2 weeks, prior to this I was piling on pounds every week when I weighed myself (yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t but there are scales in the changing rooms when I go to yoga and I just can’t help myself!). So this is all great. My sleep is still f**cking atrocious though! just gonna hang in he here for now….

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