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Weight loss is not over-weight

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    Is it EVER healthy to lost weight when you are in the normal weight category? I know BMI sucks wankers but people usually call this “vanity” weight loss if one is not technically overweight? I have been gaining this past week… and not sure why. But I do know this is now where I would like to be. Should I give up on trying to control my weight?


    Hmm.. not 1. My title got screwed up and 2. Half my post dissapeared and 3. Words are missing.
    Anyways, the post should have referenced that I had a convo with my older sis who is now actively trying to lose weight. She is in a normal weight category… thin in general.. but wants to lose weight and tone up. Is this a healthy avenue to go down?

    Matt Stone

    As long as sis doesn’t push too hard, and just tries to eat some better food, sleep better, lower stress, and be physically active – all done in a sustainable way, it very well might work and have positive, not negative consequences.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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