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    Hi there!
    I created this thread in order to discuss healthy weight loss in women over 50 years old.

    To tell the truth, it’s not for me, but for my mom, and I hope it is helpful to other people with the same concerns.

    Well. My mom is a rather healthy 58yo woman. She’s fatter than ever (mostly just belly fat) and the only health issue she has right now is that she wakes up every single day at 4-5 am. She’s more or less sedentary and just as stressed out as someone who lives in a big city. I’m pretty sure she got fat because she’s been on a diet since I can remember (her mother has never been that fat).

    Since November last year I’ve been telling her to eat the food and trying to brain wash her that fat is good and hunger is bad, and I think she has gained a lot more weight since, but she is still afraid of eating and she hates to eat out because “everything is fattening”. I think food and her “immense” belly are the biggest sources of stress to her because she can’t help associating being “fat” with lacking status (damn you, society).

    Sometimes she eats ice cream and butter, and she enjoys it, but most times she’s like “I’ll have a salad”. She can’t believe me when I say that eating less is only making things worse for her, and even though I tell her that if she ate to appetite everything she wished she would lose weight, I’m more or less sure she would gain a lot… and maybe she would get depressed or something.

    I’ve told her to lift weights, but I think she doesn’t have the energy to do so…

    Anyway, if anyone has some ideas about how could she lose her belly fat without risking her health, that would be fantastic.
    Thanks a lot!


    Show her this:

    It shows graphically that you need to eat enough calories to support your resting metabolic rate, but below your total energy expenditure.

    Maybe a book would help explain why it’s necessary to eat above your resting metabolic rate. I remember Mark Hyman had a convincing way of explaining it, even if his nutritional advice was not the best, at least it was conventional, which may fit into her way of thinking.

    There are other books about metabolic diets, too, but I haven’t read them.


    Go Kaleo’s book ‘Taking up Space’ also explains this clearly….how you need to eat enough to support your weight and activity levels, then make very small adjustments in calorie intake and exercise…even just by adding daily walks and dropping 100 calories. This is without banning any food group but eating what you enjoy.

    The other thing is that the net weight loss result from this regime should happen very very slowly. I am 58 too, have dieted off and on about 30 years, found Matt’s work around 4 years ago and have been gradually incorporating his advice and findings as they have developed and altered over that time. I finally have a good body temp but am feeling too fat. It’s a slow thing but my goal is more about overall health and wellbeing than weight and appearance, much as I’d like not to be fat-bellied!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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