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What happened to the website?

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    Steven e

    For some reason the forums haven’t really taken off. The blog comments were very lively and directly stimulated by ideas and information in posts that sparked debate and interaction. It might be worth considering how to make the forum more dynamic like that. I think that really did create the community feel that people liked, and being able to interact with Matt and other authors makes them seem like real people.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how things unfold, and to getting a more organized version of 180D philosophies and ideas delivered to my doorstep. 180D radio sounds potentially awesome.

    I’m sure there is a reason for the way you did everything, but I thought maybe a few of the awesome pictures that have been created on here, like the guy with the pea on a plate and the personal trainer yelling at the girl could be popped into the video here and there for a couple seconds to spice things up, keep attention and convey some of the valuable humor that I think people have always really responded to here.

    The Real Amy

    Lulu, thank you for your kind words. I wish I could start a blog. I’ve thought about it. But right now I have a full-time job and a part-time gig so I don’t think I have the time to really dedicate what would be necessary. Maybe that will change sometime in the future. I’m sure I’ll still be on the forums a bit, and the newsletter comments of they start up.


    I am kind of over my shock and sense of loss at losing blog. I was so confused when I went to 180degreehealth this morning and found the newsletter sign-up and no sign of the thousands of past blog posts. It felt like someone had cut off my right arm or like I’d lost a dear friend. Anyway, I’ved talked myself down from that place and realized that it’s just a blog. I’m feeling a little more rational about it now. Anyway, I will miss the blog. Matt has definitely been my favorite.

    Just one comment on videos vs text. I love written words. I love text. I’d prefer to read a transcript of a lecture or radio broadcast over listening to the whole thing. So I’d be one to be disappointed with videos only. But then maybe I’m weird.

    I’m looking forward to what is to come.


    Just thought I’d add a newcomer’s perspective. I enjoyed the first newsletter and the first couple of emails from Matt. I can see where he is going with this idea. As a newbie, I also spent a couple of days looking through the blog archives in a random way and getting confused, so I’m looking forward to getting more clarity via the emails and I really appreciate being given all this info for free. I prompted my friends and family via facebook to download the Diet Recovery while it is free on Amazon.

    More people need to read Diet Recovery! I met a 6’2 guy today who is on a no carb diet (shake for breakfast, dinner in the pm and NOTHING else) and he is a builder who does physical work all day, and not particularly overweight IMO. When did society decide that this form of self harm/self starvation is ok???!!


    I am new to the website and i agree with what you are saying. The only reason I gave my email address for the passcode to enter was because I had read some of Diet Recovery and was interested. But, honestly, this website is not good. I am hoping that the emails I get would be better. I hate to say this, but Mark Sisson does have a great website. It is difficult to find any information and I want to see success stories and yes, a blog. Perhaps I will be proven wrong and be wowed by 180 degrees health. I still have yet to be though the information in the book Diet Recovery is really intriguing. From what I hear so far is it is okay to be fat, which it is, I just don’t want to be fat. I was eating whatever I wanted and I wasn’t seeing results which is why I started looking for an answer. I was just hoping it would be easier to navigate in this website.


    I, too, enjoyed the articles the most. This is what I enjoyed about the site along with the comments about each article.
    Years, ago, I was similarly bummed when Anthony Colpo got rid of his articles.


    *sigh* can anyone lead me to the graph that showed the weight gain and subsequent loss upon refeeding the men in the Minnesota starvation experiment?

    I sure wish I had known so I could have saved information I was referring to. Just a lesson to us all that you need to save stuff from the Internet that you want and not rely on it to be there later!!!!!

    Also this stupid website makes me give a password, then I go to forum, then I log in but it gives me an error asking for the capcha (which was not there for me to enter in the first place, only on the error page) then I get logged in, then it kicks me back out so I have to put in the password again, then to to the forum again.


    Nevermind, I found it.


    would you mind linking that, ashley?


    … Matt. What the hell? I know I haven’t been coming around lately, but most of that had to do with you handing over more and more of your posts to other people (well, that and not OBSESSING over health anymore). As much as I was here for the info, I was here to read YOUR way of presenting it, and the community’s responses.

    And now I find everything is gone. :(

    Maybe you can keep the blog for us oldtimers who got the concept of what you were doing, with special passwords and everything. Please?

    Good luck on the new ventures BTW.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)
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