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what's more important – heat or calories?

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    hi everybody,

    i’m just kicking off my refeeding experiment and have been eating large for less than a week. Before I began temps were generally between 35-35.5C (95-96F) but I’m seeing some promising bumps, and have even cracked 37C a couple of times (thank you pasta!).

    I’m aiming for 4300 calories / day, but I’m really struggling to get down this volume of food. Even with liberal junk food, i just don’t have the appetite. The only way i think i’ll get close to 4300/day is to include liquid calories (ie sodas, or a shake made of milk, dextrose, protein powder, maple syrup etc).

    The only problem is that the liquid intake definitely cools me down. So what’s more important right now, get the calories in any way i can, or focus on warming foods and settle for less calories?

    In case it helps, i’m 37yo male, long term dieter and exercise abuser, 250lbs (muscular, but with plenty of lard to smooth out the sharp edges :))


    Hey @bluemako – when I was bulking, I drank lots of liquid calories, mostly OJ, but also milk and some naturally sweetened soda.

    How’d you come up with 4300 calories as your daily goal? If it’s somewhat arbitrary, and you’re otherwise eating to satisfaction, it may not be necessary to get to that number.

    I find that salt as much as calories can be a limiting factor when it comes to feeling warm. Heavy salting really makes a difference. You might experiment with that if your goal is metabolic rehab more than a specific calorie target. Good luck, man.


    thanks Rob. That figure was based on the rule of thumb calculation in Diet Recovery 2 (“target weight in pounds” x 23), and isn’t too far off what other calorie calculators have told me over the years.

    Left to my own devices I’m doing well to hit 2000 calories per day without ever feeling hungry. I’ve been trying to get lean for years using the “eat less / exercise more” approach so I guess my body has had a long time to adjust to low food volumes.

    I’ll give more salt a go, thanks for the suggestion!


    The target weight x 23 is interesting and something I never heard. Very interesting though. Where is that in Diet Recovery 2?


    it’s in the Rest and Refeeding chapter, page 78 of 173 (according to kindle for android anyway). The formula is “target weight in lbs” x 20 for women.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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