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Where the hell is the blog?

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    I am absolutely speechless. I feel like someone has punched me in the stomach and pulled out my intestines. I’ve been reading your blog for years, alongside doing my own health research, and have learned a lot from matt, but also from the other blog posters (especially therealamy) and people commenting on your blog entries.

    Just for a second, imagine what it would be like to be battling some pretty serious health problems. Problems that you’ve been slowly getting your head around, partly through using the great resource that the 180degree blog was. And actually less from Matt’s input more recently, and more from the input of other commenters and bloggers. And just imagine that you’ve been putting together a document for yourself, trying to piece together some of the aspects of your problems, linking to websites you have got the information from for further contemplation or even to read a comforting story when you’re feeling at your worst.

    Now imagine that someone pulls it from under your feet and removes all the material you have for reference. You are now expected to remember every fact, every personal story and every theory that people have offered in helping you overcome these health problem. It’s like someone has set fire to your set of encyclopaedias and your collection of letters from a loved one all at once – you no longer have the information or the reassurance.

    Well, unsurprisingly, it feels pretty fucking shit. I’m fairly close to tears right now.

    Yes, I’m sure there will be new stories and new assistance for sick people on these forums, but that’s little comfort for someone who has already asked questions and has some fairly specific answers from people who may never visit the site again.

    I completely understand that you don’t want to confuse newcomers with old inaccurate posts, but I am absolutely appalled that you are not providing your loyal readers of many years with some sort of archive service so we can access the information we were never warned would be ripped from under us. I really hope you will reassess making some of this information available because I’m at a loss if you don’t.

    Why you would choose to fuck over the people who have contributed to making 180degrees the amazing site that is was is beyond me. Well actually, the amazon deal doesn’t seem like too much of a coincidence right now – I always held you above the other “health gurus” out there.. but I’m starting to think you might just be a sell out like all the rest of them after all.

    The Real Amy

    Hi Bluemilk, not sure if you saw this previous thread on the blog:

    It’s nice to hear you enjoyed my comments. Personally, I am not a fan of this new format either. I loved the blog and it kept me sticking around this site for a few years. I agree that people’s comments were the best part of the posts (although I loved Matt’s humor and deep thinking as well). I hope you can find the right answers for your health issues. You may want to email Rob since supposedly he can provide articles (although I have no idea whether the comments were saved).


    Although I did subscribe,I have to admit I miss the blog and reading comments from everyone,bc the forum is nice but not really that active and also less comments overall by Matt.
    What I really mis is the 180Degree videos!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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