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White Tongue & Adrenal Fatigue – Is This Catch 22?

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    I’m a 36 year old male firefighter.

    Started eating paleo about 4 years ago (along with crossfit). I’ve always loved sweets so about 3 years ago I did one of those 30 day strict challenges.

    I felt less energy but lost a few pounds so I was a little discouraged. For the next couple years I continued with paleo but the sugar binges started getting bad.

    In fall of 2012 I was on a bad sugar binge and I developed a white coating on my tongue.

    Thought for sure it was candida so I went low carb, no sugar, high fat which caused my sleep to go to hell. Didn’t help that I often have to get up a few times a night at work.

    Then in the spring of 2014 I found out my testosterone was low (total was low 300s and free was 6.5) and I went hypothyroid

    Now I have straight up adrenal fatigue, my tongue still has the white coating and my sleep is only a little better and my stools are all wacky.

    I’m freaking miserable.

    I realize that eating more carbs helps my sleep but every time I eat more carbs the sugar cravings take over and it gets out of control.

    So I know I need to eat more carbs to help with the adrenal fatigue but it seems like the tongue coating gets really bad then and I fear it’s screwing up my gut even more.

    I would love to have any insight anyone has.

    I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place as nearly everything I read says that the white tongue is probably from a gut issue and to get rid of it I really need to restrict carbs.

    Thanks so much for reading


    I was diagnosed with candida in my digestive tract. I had it while on a low carb diet. When I started to eat more it didn’t go away immediately but I haven’t suffered any of the symptoms in many months, maybe even a year. I eat lots of carbs, and feel much better. You might need to go through an initial readjustment. And I had binges 1-2x per month when on low carb. I thought I might be eating disordered. Now I believe that restricting was the eating disorder.


    Thank for replying. So did you take any supplements?

    Hopefully this reestablishing will happen with me because I have been eating the hell out of those carbs – put on about 8 pounds in the last week too :(


    I didn’t use any supplements with eat for heat. But I tell you, I tried everything in the past to get rid of the candida. Nothing worked and I just spent loads of money. I’m over supplements for the most part.
    Coming off of a low carb diet you are bound to gain weight as you introduce carbs. I was so tiny when on low carb. A US size 4 at 5’9″. Then I was still restricting with more carbs and eating about 1500 kcal at a size 6 but still unhealthy. Now I’m between size 8 and 12 eating everything I want. And I believe that that’s my upper limit due to genetics and history. Of course I’d rather be small. But what is it worth if I’m sick, binge prone and moody. I do hope that some of the weight will come off after a year or two once my body has recovered.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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