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Why Pork is Bad

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    Ever since Chiefrok and Matt (and 2 of the world’s biggest and oldest religions) suggested that eating pork was a bad idea, I’ve been paying attention to how I react to it. So far, I’ve noticed a few different symptoms that correlate with pork consumption.

    – acid reflux. I’ve had this on and off since the beginning of college, but pork really seems to kick it into overdrive for a few days. no matter what I eat after I eat swine, I get reflux.

    – ocd. I’ve also always had some mild permutation of ocd. it rears its ugly head only during the most stressful times in my life, but pork seems to bring it back in full force for a few days.

    – rashes. This one kind of surprised me as the only time I’ve ever had a rash was following a serious restriction diet of strictly butter + coffee [a la bulletproof exec] but it crops up again for a short time if I eat pork or drink a shitload of alcohol.

    My guess is that the pork causes an autoimmune response, maybe because of its similarity to human tissue. Paul Jaminet has proposed a few different potential mechanisms as well, like pathogens and porks high pufa content. My money is still on autoimmune, as pork has been linked to MS, among other autoimmune illnesses.

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