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    The Real Amy

    There’s a thread going on in the Alternative Medicine forum with info that would also be useful to list here:

    It’s about what alternative meds really work. Some supplements mentioned include HCL, which people are swearing by for acid reflux and digestion; probiotics; and b-vitamins. And I added there, and will here again: D-mannose for UTIs. It’s magical.

    And since this is the “Drugs and Supplements” forum, please add here, too, any other supplements or allopathic meds that you feel have been genuinely helpful in your recovery.


    Have to start with saying I have a dx of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, with obvious hypo symptoms (which are much improved!- Thank you Matt!)

    I take a bunch of supplement for my thyroid, but the first supplement I took that actually had an almost immediate positive effect on my is Magnesium Citrate. I had VERY slow digestion, and would not normally move my bowels every day. Also had terrible muscle cramps in my legs and feet – hard to do yoga positions! I started taking the magnesium, and voila- I am BETTER than normal. If I start cramping up, I take 122 mg of magnesium and the cramps are gone within 15 minutes!

    Recently I found a very positive effect from B12 dots (melt under your tongue). I was plagued with Heartburn, taking enzymes before, during,after meals… Started B12, and I’m digesting my food without those aids! What a relief!


    I take quite a few: A, a B-complex, D, E and K. I take extra B6 in the form of P5P because it helps to keep my eczema in check. I take pregnenolone once a week and progesterone in the luteal phase of my cycle. I also take magnesium every night. I’m hypothyroid too so I take T4 and T3.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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