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Worrying Blood Test Results

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    big ugly bear

    Afternoon ladies and gentlemen,
    I’m new to to the site, so a big hello to all of you.

    Came across this site as i have just ordered Matt’s book ‘Diet Recovery 2’ from Amazon here in the UK. I was reading a blog post by a young lady after googling ‘carbohydrates and sex drive’, and saw a link to Matt’s work.

    Long story short, like most on here I’m a health nut and am always looking for an edge to make me stronger and healthier etc. Have been intermittent fasting and following pretty much a paleo type diet for the past 2-3 years, albeit with the odd binge here and there ;-) (incidentally I always felt better the day after bingeing!).

    Have been feeling exhausted upon waking for many months now, and my motivation for life is quite low. I suspected my sex drive was not quite optimal, despite being able to have ejaculative sex with my girlfriend 2- 3 times a day quite often. It sounds silly but i dont feel particularly randy and it takes me a long time to ejaculate and to become fully aroused.

    I had some blood tests done the other day and was suprised when they came back on the low side. I had fasted for close to 24 hours leading into the tests and here are the results:

    My testosterone was 9.3 nmol/L Range is 8.0- 29.0
    Triglycerides 0.6 Range is 0.8- 1.7
    Serum Thyroid Hormone 0.65 Range is 0.5- 4.0

    All on the low side.

    Any advice or suggestions before the book arrives?

    Thanks in advance

    The Real Amy

    My advice is to read this:

    My other advice is don’t go crazy. You had issues with low-carb, but that doesn’t mean you need to switch to all all-sugar diet or something. IF is probably a bad idea and should be stopped, and you need carbs, but the best approach to begin with may be just adding in some carbs and seeing how that goes, then adjust as needed. Eating 3 meals/day and maybe 1-2 snacks, at regular times is really important. Make your body feel safe that you are feeding it. The goal is to eventually get to intuitive eating, where you are eating the things your body is craving. Also, make sure you work on stress reduction and get plenty of sleep.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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