Am I doing something wrong or is this just not working for me

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    I’m a 19 year old male. Been following Matt’s guidelines since July 2013. I’m 5 foot 8 inches tall. I had been restricting my food intake off and on for a few years, even doing the paleo diet for a stretch of time.

    When I started in July I was around 145 lbs. Now I’m around 235. It is extremely uncomfortable. I am starting to regret even doing this. My temps are still in the 96s, even in most evenings. I’ve tried multiple things to get them up- 5,000 cals a day, eating tons of salt, drinking next to nothing, eating tons of sugar, etc. Nothing has worked!

    Why have I gained so much weight, yet my temps are still low? Is there some kind of underlying issue that I need to address? Maybe Thyroid?

    I would appreciate any input deeply. I am starting to go crazy, not being able to walk around without losing my breath.



    Wow, I’m so sorry for your situation and hope this gets sorted out soon. Sounds like you need to get some check ups and then maybe work with Matt one on one. Best of luck!



    have you had your thyroid checked?



    Thanks Guys for the comments. I emailed Matt with a link to this thread and he recommended that I see an endocrinologist. I’m going to go ahead and do that. I wonder if I should have had my thyroid checked before I started doing this. Too late now I guess…

    Does anyone on here have any experience with thyroid medication or has fixed there thyroid without meds?



    It seems like most people are able to get their temperatures up within 1-3 months if they properly implement warming foods and low water intake. I had low temperatures after lots of dieting like low carb and skipping dinners and so on. I would sometimes be as low as 96.8 in the morning. My thyroid hormones tested slightly low at the time. But I’m all the way up again through food. I think you might be the rare case that needs thyroid support.
    Never mind not getting tested before. We all make mistakes esp. at your young age.



    Hi mmmfood. I was diagnosed with a thyroid deficiency 23 years ago and was on Synthroid since then. After reading alot on the internet I asked my doctor to switch me to ERFA which is the more natural form of medication as it has both T4 and T3. I would recommend you visit as there is a great deal of information if you are interested.



    I’m really glad you’re going to get checked out. Let us know how it goes!

    Yes, I fixed my thyroid with mineral balancing, but that was hyperthyroidism/Graves disease.

    There’s a defunct website that’s still accessible to some extent that helped me a LOT:

    If you can do some searches there, it will give you a good handle on some of the core issues.



    go to



    Hi, I’m having very similar problems. I’ve been following Matt’s guidelines since Nov ’13 and have put on around 30 pounds (from an already overweight starting point!), I do have an underactive thyroid for which I’m on Levothyroxine (doctors in the UK won’t prescribe NDT), my temps are still low most of the time and I haven’t found anything specific which gives me a boost :( I’d be interested to hear what others eat and drink during the day. I’ve gone from drinking gallons of water a day to very few drink and I try to drink mainly whole milk or fruit juice when I do drink. I feel very unfit now and would love to start exercising again but daren’t while my temps are still low. Any help would be appreciated.



    I found lowering water intake and upping salt intake (two things I was very happy to do) are what helped my temps, immediately.

    My breakfast is a slice of toast with a hefty smear of cream cheese and a boiled egg sliced on top – with LOTS of salt and pepper. Not a lot of calories (could easily double that dose), but the salt and protein keeps me warm and satisfied until my next meal.

    Just me, but, being “obese” already (per the “average human” guidelines), I will not experiment with gaining weight. Just can’t do it. Can’t afford a new wardrobe, and can’t wear sweats to a business conference.

    This is your body, and your experiment… if what you’re doing isn’t working, try something else. The bottom line: do what makes you happy and enjoy life Today. Re-feed your spirit as well as your body.

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