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What did you EAT yesterday(today)?

Blog Forums Eat the Food! What did you EAT yesterday(today)?

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    Ok ,ok well known subject:)
    To give some an idea, and inspiration to create menu.

    Let’s start!

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    I ate 2 homemade sourdough cinnamon buns with milky coffee & sugar for breakfast. Half a peach with salt sprinkled on for snack. Thirsty so oj & cream. For lunch bacon, cheese & tomato sandwich & lemonade, sprinkling salt on & in everything. Dinner will be leftover sloppy joes & coleslaw and you can bet I’ll be eating ice cream tonight. And I always eat more ice cream than I probably should.


    My post lost one word ‘eat’.It’s possible correct?


    Today I ate:
    pre-breakfast: sourdough toast with butter, extra salt and apricot jam, few bites of butterscotch cake, few bites of cheese arepa with extra salt
    breakfast: ? cup oatmeal with pear cooked in brown sugar and 1 cup raw whole milk, maple syrup, and topped off with sweet and spicy nuts
    lunch: 1/2 bison burger, sweet potatoes, kale salad, sips of pomegranate lemonade, teeny tiny piece of Mary’s pizza
    snack: bite of salty pretzel, sip of water
    second lunch: ? bison burger, rest of the arepa, small milky chocolate milkshake, peppermint patty, 2 pieces raspberry chocolate, mini hershey’s chocolate, jason’s almond chocolate bar (I was starving after a bike ride!)
    dinner: bite of grass-fed beef patty with cheese, ? ear corn with butter and salt, ? small red potato with butter and salt
    dessert: cut up nectarine and strawberries with sugar (left for over an hour) with a little bit vanilla ice cream and chocolate chips.


    So far today:

    As soon as I woke up: rice w/coconut milk and sugar. (this wasn’t really successful as far as taste, but it did raise my temp by about .6 degrees)

    Breakfast: 3 (!!) over easy eggs, 2 slices sourdough with butter, coffee with sugar and half and half.

    Lunch(ish): I whole medium avocado mashed up with green salsa and salt. Blue corn and sesame tortilla chips. 1/2 cup cranberry juice.

    At some point I’ll likely eat 1/2 a mango with Greek yogurt, walnuts, and honey. This is my current food obsession along with the avocado. After the walnuts I have are gone, I’ll probably buy salted walnuts or some other nuts for this.

    I have no idea for dinner yet.


    Thanks for an idea.

    I still have problem with increase calories.

    do you add to rice white sugar?And how much?


    Yesterday Morning
    Water with 1/4 Teaspoon Sodium Bicarbonate
    Ginseng Tea with Grassfed cultured Ghee and coconut oil
    Coffee with Coconut oil and Butter
    Snacked on kerrygold butter

    Yesterday Early Afternoon
    1.5 lbs of peeled/boiled potatoes
    medium bowl of blueberries
    2 Scoops Whey Protein

    Yesterday Late Afternoon
    Snacked on Kerry Gold Butter
    Had 3/4 pint of heavy cream before going on long 2 hour leisurely walk.

    Yesterday Evening
    2 Pints Orange juice – After going to the Gym and doing 15 minutes of resistance training
    Lemon Water – 2 Lemons worth
    1/2 Lb Precooked shrimp sauteed in Refined Coconut with a litte Olive Oil and Celtic Sea Salt added for flavoring after cooking.

    Yesterday Before Bed
    Few bowls of Whole Foods Brand of Krispy Rice with Whole Goat Milk

    Today – Morning
    Glass of water with 1/4 Teaspoon sodium bicarbonate
    Glass of Water with 1/4 Teaspoon of Celtic Sea Salt
    Ginseng Tea with TBSP of Ghee and TBSP of Coconut Oil
    Coffee with Kerrygold Butter

    Today – Noon
    Trader Joes Ribeye with chevre goat cheese melted on top

    Today – Afternoon
    1 lb of boiled/peeled potatoes
    Medium bowl of blueberries
    Snacked on Kerrygold Butter

    Today – Late Afternoon
    1 Pint of Light Cream before going on long walk
    1/2 Pint of Heavy Cream when I was out because the Light Cream didn’t kill my appetite.

    Today – Evening (Now)
    2 Lemons worth of Lemon Water

    Today – Late Evening (Future)
    Plan on finishing up my whole goat milk
    Plan on making scrambled eggs with chevre Goat Cheese melted and mixed in


    I couldn’t use the kitchen at home because of some renovations, so here is what I ate yesterday.

    8am – bowl fruit loops w/raw milk + 1 egg on toast
    10am – apple + 6 Choc chip cookies
    12am – subway chicken teriyaki foot long + 2 cookies + coke
    3pm – 2 sushi rolls + custard tart
    4pm – small Choc sundae
    6pm – handful potato chips
    7pm – veal in creamy garlic sauce with potatoes + coke
    9pm – chocolate + honey yoghurt


    I love this thread!
    Yesterday I ate:
    7:30 1 banana and small glass raw whole milk with salt
    8:00 1 banana with 1 egg and a little egg white made into a pancake
    9:30 frittata (sp?) with manchego cheese, spicy sauce, a few oven roasted potatoes, 1 piece toast with jam
    12:15 1/4 peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a few grapes
    2:15 3 small pieces of pizza, little bit salad, few slices nectarine with salt
    5:00 2 handfuls popcorn
    6:30 about 4 oz meatloaf, a few boiled potatoes and salt, 1/2 ear corn, few orange slices.


    6 x Eggs
    2 x Tins of Tuna
    2 x Apples
    1 x large punnet of strawberries
    1 x large punnet of raspberries
    1 x head of lettuce
    1 x cucumber
    5 x small tomatoes
    2 x large glasses of orange juice
    2 x glasses of wine


    <3 <3 this thread! In other forums I read the “what i ate” thread is full of boring food.

    Yesterday’s menu:

    Meal 1:
    Iced coffee with half&half
    Two fried eggs in kerrygold w/ sourdough toast with more kerrygold and delicious local tomatoes that taste amazing

    Meal 2:
    Bacon sandwich with more tomatoes and avocado x2 (two sandwiches zomg)

    Meal 3:
    Chicken tikka masala with naan and raita
    two samosas

    Snack at the end of the day bc I had SO MUCH energy I stayed up watching health guru videos on youtube:
    Chocolate ganache with almond butter

    Today I had two scrambled eggs with half an avocado and corn tortillas and I just had another bacon sandwich.

    For dinner, I may have more curry. Or maybe a burger.

    Aphrodite Rose

    I had such yummy food today I just had to share it, ehee.

    Breakfast – 1 slice of toast spread with Cornish sea salt butter & Marmite.

    Lunch – 1 slice of bread made into a sandwich filled with Cadbury Philadelphia spread (basically it’s chocolate spread but with a cream cheese base – honestly it’s like the most wonderous ganache OMG it’s so heavenly – I think it’s only sold in England where I live though) & a diddy chunk of strong cheddar cheese on the side & a mini packet of salted potato crisps.

    Tea – 1/8 of a homemade Oreo-crusted triple-decker whipped buttercream frosted chocolate cake (it’s my little sisters birthday today & we decided to go all out crazy & make the most calorific chocolate bomb of a cake possible, woowoo, aha) & a glass of milk.

    Supper – a large portion of fish’n’chip shop deep-fried chips heavily doused with salt & vinegar with 2 slices of bread spread with Cornish sea salt butter on the side to make chip butties with. Mmmhummm. It was so all so good like OMG.

    F**k you anorexia. F**k you orthorexia. I will eat tasty food & I will not feel guilty for it. & hey, obviously my body agrees – my tummy is just as concavely flat as it was this morning. Yay! ?

    Steven e

    My usual breakfast lately is German butterball potatoes (maybe the best variety ever) cut in about 3/4 inch cubes and fried in butter or coconut oil (refined). I put a lid on most of the time and they turn out awesome. well cooked with a light browning. Next to this goes an omlette. Now that tomatoes are coming on, it’s usually based on cheese and tomatoes, with optional avocado or maybe a little chicken or something if I’ve got it. Also some shiso, which I’ve just started growing and using this year, and mushroom salt made with ground toasted black trumpets and redmond salt. Often with a soda or juice

    I completely spaced the whole concept of lunch until after 5:00 I guess I wasn’t hungry and my temps were jacked up pretty high all day. I know I ate a melon in there somewhere and probably some rice cakes with walnut butter (lightly toasted walnuts food processored with enough coconut oil to make it work.) and honey. That’s been one of my go-to snacks. A few of those pack quite a lot of calories and it’s quick and pretty tasty. There was some juice and soda during meals and during the day.

    Last night’s dinner was pasta cooked in salted water. When the pasta is half done, I usually toss in some vegetables cut in pretty small sticks. Last night it was green beans and summer squash with a few dried black trumpets. On top of all that, some raw fresh tomato, lots of olive oil, black pepper and parmesagne (or however you spell it) easy, tasty, low mess. Also, some awesome free wine, from open bottles, shared by a wine dealer. A little too much maybe.

    In the middle of the night to get back to sleep, a couple rice cakes, soda and some whole milk.

    It wasn’t a very high calorie day, but high temps throughout. I don’t think I remember even anything as low as 98.6 and hit 99.4 at one point. Woke up at 98 this morning!


    Yum! Thanks for this thread; I am on here to look for ideas!

    Meal 1: 2 slices plain cheesecake with fresh strawberries and homemade whipped cream.

    Meal 2: 1 chicken wing, 1 bite cheesecake, and a few spoonfuls of whipped cream

    Meal 3: 3 turkey hot dogs (no bun) dipped in mustard, 1 pint whole raw milk

    Meal 4: 2 cups cooked quinoa with coconut oil and lots of butter and Redmond salt, 4 oz. sausage, 1/2 large avocado, 1 raw probiotic pickle.

    I am planning to make popcorn with lots of Kerrygold butter while I watch a movie later, and then I will have either ice cream or cereal with cream before bed.


    Lagu chay

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