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  • in reply to: Pimp Diet or Get Real Job #11697

    Interesting topic, surprised others haven’t replied.

    I remember this year when Diane SanFillipo posted on her Facebook that she was exahusted and had been exhausted for years and kept getting more tests, blaming “adrenal fatique” and so on. She probably could just eat more starch or sugar and feel way better, especially with her level of fitness.

    Jimmy Moore is probably the most screwed up in this regard, his entire bottom line depends on his low carb religion.

    in reply to: Ancestral Health Symposium 2013 Report #11696

    Didn’t go, but didn’t have to since jimmy moore livetweeted every minute. Most of it very anti-carb. Shocking.

    in reply to: What did you EAT yesterday(today)? #11695

    <3 <3 this thread! In other forums I read the “what i ate” thread is full of boring food.

    Yesterday’s menu:

    Meal 1:
    Iced coffee with half&half
    Two fried eggs in kerrygold w/ sourdough toast with more kerrygold and delicious local tomatoes that taste amazing

    Meal 2:
    Bacon sandwich with more tomatoes and avocado x2 (two sandwiches zomg)

    Meal 3:
    Chicken tikka masala with naan and raita
    two samosas

    Snack at the end of the day bc I had SO MUCH energy I stayed up watching health guru videos on youtube:
    Chocolate ganache with almond butter

    Today I had two scrambled eggs with half an avocado and corn tortillas and I just had another bacon sandwich.

    For dinner, I may have more curry. Or maybe a burger.

    in reply to: Reynaud's #11118

    Yep, I ate a TON of salt for dinner (BLT w/ avocado and chips) and felt warm and no longer have the sexy blue fingertips.

    in reply to: Soft Drink Trap #11082

    I still don’t like soda very much, but it’s definitely the food I’ve been completely scared of for the past 10 years, even when I haven’t actively been dieting.

    But now, Mexi-Coke is BACK.

    I also love beer and wine, but those are more problematic..

    in reply to: Paleo and GAPS experiences please…. #8944

    I’ve never done GAPS since it seemed like too much work, but I’ve done variations on paleo and low carb and none were sustainable. If I wanted to never go out to eat or experience new foods, I could have stayed low carb forever, until all I ate was coconut oil and grass fed beef. No thanks.

    I did intuitive eating (i love junk food, and love to eat rich foods) for 10 years and while the fatigue and chronic blood sugar swings that ensued were not fun, in some ways I feel that I was healthier eating that way since I wasn’t so obsessed with how food was “affecting” me. I wish i’d never started dieting and just allowed my set point to stay and focused on moving around and maybe making my food higher quality, even if it was 230lbs.

    Like most people here, i am striving to find a balance now without falling back into a black hole. What I like about eating the food is I have energy and am not such a huge bitch. So, that’s something.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)