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    I am reviving this thread! I finally took the plunge and stopped the pill on August 6th 2013. On October 7th I got my period back! I just got my period again this morning (Nov. 3th, 27 days later) which reminded me to share this on here just in case other women are wondering.

    The reason I think it was so easy:

    a) been on a refeed for 6 month, I had previously gained the pesty 10-12 pounds thru refeeding and was over it already. So I was already in a relaxed state when it comes to nutrition.

    b) I was very very relaxed towards exercice as well.

    c) I did not think about whether my period would come back or not, I just let it go, I told myself I would get blood test after 6 months if nothing happened.

    For the record, I 41 y.o. 2 children, have been on the pill since I’m 22 .
    I stopped the pill mainly because I was getting migraines every months. Migraines are completely gone. My mood is sooo much better, I sleep like a baby. I feel a lot less sugar/hypoglycemic swings.

    The only downside: some acne the week before, I hadn’t had acne for like 20 years! I feel like a teenager. But it’s just like 2 zits. I’m glad this month they are Under my chin, so almost hidden. I can totally live with that!

    I encourage anyone who’s hesitating to quit to pill to give it a try.



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    Thank you both for your feedback. I find I do well with skipping breakfast but the 24 hour thing triggers huge cravings for me.

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    Amy, what you just said is what my inner voice is telling me. I adhere to natural ways of eating and healing but somehow can’t stopped the pill…feels like I’m better on it. As for perimenopause, unfortunatly Yes I do think I’m getting into the ealy stages of symptoms…I will track symptoms and try some more regular sleep / eating Schedule…speeking of which…off to sleep :)

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    THx I am working on that too. I have been on an intuitive eating path for a couple of month and definitly need rest.

    I will test it and see.

    On another note I am pretty sure my regular hormonal cycle takes over the pill (Alesse pretty low dose). I get periods 5 days before I stop the active pills and I ovulate and all…pretty funny, I am sure they don’t even know how the pill works with exactitude. It prevents pregnancy by thickening cervical mucus and all but I am not so sure about stopping ovulation …just a observation

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    Wow thanks for the answer that was fast. I am reluctant to stop it because:
    a) been taking it for 20 years!
    b) got pregnant one month after stopping it twice in my 30s so doesn’t seam to play with my fertility
    c) I have been reading about so many benefits, one being good at treating pms
    d) don’t know how I’m going to replace it

    for all these reason I am stuck..don’t know how to make a decision.
    I should many give it a try just to see…I am really fearfull of any change + all the natural health books about perimenopause out there suggest lower carb meal plan…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)