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    My gawd?can’t believe another week has flown by?again my apologies.

    (I guess I’ve got to add 180degreehealth to my ‘contacts’ in my email program, as I didn’t get either of your replies after my brief one.)

    Starting from the last reply: I’ve read conflicting info re the betaine in betaine HCL being the same as tri-methyl-glycine — some say yes, others say no. But I have wondered about that’so I appreciate your bringing up the point again.

    I can’t tolerate much vinegar lately, but have been using some potassium chloride (as I’m definitely not getting enough potassium in my diet). I know this is the ‘eat everything’ site, and Matt has described potassium as the ‘anti-salt’, but the RDA is pretty high’so I wonder if I’m getting enough. I’d be curious if you’ve added up your potassium intake?

    Anyway, the chloride in that seems to help somewhat with increasing acid levels, so I’ve tried to cut back on the betaine HCL. Then I’m hoping the niacin will also help increase stomach acid?but as mentioned above, it could be due to other things like thiamine, zinc, etc., etc.. :)

    Here’s the link to the story about alligators (not sharks, sorry) and how blue-green algae took over, and how thiamine saved their lives:

    And yes, there are so many anti-thiamine factors, or ‘thiaminase’ compounds, many of them common, that inactivate thiamine. Sulfites, phenols, acetylaldehyde, many herbs, spices, arsenic, etc.. I’ve been taking some benfotiamine, but also have found a sublingual ‘active’ form of thiamine that seems to make a difference (made by Source Naturals).

    I’m sorry to hear of your various health issues. Regarding mold, did you go to the point of discarding your belongings, and starting from scratch? I’m not recommending that, but some have said one needs to do that to ‘get clear’ and detox, but it seems to me that that just makes them a lot more sensitive to future exposures.

    I better shut up for now, but thanks again so much for your input and for your patience as well.

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    Hi CP,

    Again?just found this in my junk folder. Sheesh?not sure why that’s happening, but again many apologies.

    It’s too late for me to reply tonight (as we lose an hour of “sleep”) but will try to reply in the next couple of days?probably/hopefully by Monday night. Definitely have a lot of info on thiamine and all those anti-thiamine factors, plus a cool video that links mold/algae to thiamine deficiency in sharks who were dying, basically becoming paralyzed (I think it was sharks?maybe other fish too). But they gave them high-dose thiamine, and all recovered.

    Will ‘talk’ soon. :)

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    Hello again,

    For some odd reason, notification of your last 2 posts went to my spam folder, so apologies for the late reply.

    But thanks again for them — I agree w/and appreciate your points. So many possibilities, so many options, NOT ENOUGH knowledgeable docs/naturopaths/etc. :)

    I was prescribed Nathryoid (similar to amour I believe) last summer, but have been bad about taking it. I’m going to make an effort to doing so on a regular basis, as you’re correct, that could be playing a big part. I definitely do have low body temps — have had them for years, well, ever since I got ME/CFS, but have always wanted to get to the cause of my hypothyroid-ish issues, instead of taking something for it. But?here I am taking ox bile, and adrenal extract, so why not thyroid? :) Anyway, I started with one tiny pill, and was up to two’then they sort of got lost in the shuffle. I didn’t notice any difference, but no doubt I wasn’t up to the proper dose yet.

    You said:

    “One thing I ran into a while back, and can’t locate off the wing right now, is a study showing that the retention of vitamins and minerals during prolonged under eating is poor, and that under eating can cause many micronutrient deficiencies. MANY of these deficiencies were reversed by adding calorie sources with ZERO additional vitamins (such as corn starch and/or cane sugar).”

    I’d be really curious to see the study/research link to this if you can find it, but please, no huge hurry, and if you can’t find it, I’ll totally understand.

    I did find an interesting study quite awhile back that I just realized the other day backs up what Matt has been saying:

    “With progressive weight loss, hypothermia recurred and was unresponsive to thiamine therapy. Fortuitously, the patient’s intake of sucrose was abruptly increased, and her body temperature normalized within seven days.”

    Interesting?perhaps it fits with what you said as well.

    And yes, I’ve been taking thiamine for quite awhile, which has no doubt helped with some aspects of neuropathy, etc., but just like with niacin, it obviously isn’t and can’t be the entire answer.

    Thanks again. :)

    Hope YOU’RE doing okay?

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    Forgot to add a couple of links:

    Achlorhydria associated with pellegra (niacin deficiency):

    Paul Jaminet’s 25lb weight loss due to scurvy:

    It doesn’t say how many calories he was consuming, but I’m guessing it was more than 1800! :)

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    Hello again,

    I’m in complete agreement w/you re doctors, especially allopathic, but also some naturopaths as well. At least the latter in general are trying to address the cause(s) of conditions, but many of them can get locked into certain dogma or protocols, so one needs to (unfortunately) do a lot of research, get second opinions, etc., which is hard when one is destitute (i.e., on medicaid).

    Interesting thoughts about the zinc tally test. I’m not sure if you meant you tested high when you did the zinc tally (instead of low), but again, a good example of needing to have more testing to really get answers?and even then, who knows?

    I had the Spectracell test done about 2 years ago (already), and was kind of disappointed/puzzled. Even though I hadn’t taken any vitamin C in years (I thought it was giving me tingling and numbness in my toes, but was probably something that would’ve helped that), the Spectracell test showed my “C” levels were perfectly normal, and my glutathione was high (I suspect it was oxidized glutathione?) and so my “Immunidex” index was at 90 — which they said suggested strong cell-mediated immune function, even though my condition/symptoms suggest the exact opposite. !!!??

    Most of the “Bs” were borderline or just above, except for b12 which was high, so at least that seemed to reflect intake.

    Interestingly, I just noticed my ‘choline’ came back almost ‘high’, which is also interesting, considering I haven’t been able to tolerate eggs for years?but it might also explain why choline supps make me more anxious, tense.

    Anyway, on that test, my zinc was indeed officially low, and copper was high. ???

    Re the betaine HCL: When it was first prescribed years ago, I was told to start with 1-2 caps, and then increase by one cap until I felt a warmth in my stomach, and then back off by one cap. At one point years ago, it took NINE caps to feel any warmth. I’ve been varying it from 6-8 caps, depending on the meal size, and also if I’m taking cal/mag or not. I get what you’re saying, but it’s my understanding that the bicarbonate won’t be released unless the stomach acid levels are high?but maybe I’ve misread that. I have found that taking some sodium bicarb a couple hours after a meal will sometimes help move things along. Maybe that’s because it helps with bile release as well? I don’t know. :)

    Re methylation and folic acid — again interesting comments! I did have the methylation panel done about four years ago that showed I was not converting folic acid into the active metabolites well at all, but now in hindsight, I wonder if this is happening — the methylation ‘block’ — for a reason? Maybe the need was for more niacin, etc., — for more krebs cycle stuff? Again, not sure. I did see a quote from Paul Cheney where he basically said the same thing. In the past I haven’t thought too highly of him, as it seems like he needs to be ‘the one with the answers’, not to mention his astronomic fees and low ‘success’ rate, but (gulp!), perhaps he’s correct?

    Calories? Because of this fat “intolerance”, and poor digestion/motility/lack of appetite, I’m guessing I probably get about 1600-1800 calories a day, if that. I’m TRYING to increase that, as I know you’re right — I should be getting at least 2500 calories, but it’s so hard. I did gain about 20 lbs a year or so ago as mentioned above, by eating foods with more (whole) sugar — got up to 182lbs (for 6’2″) in six months or so — was totally shocked — but it ended up just around my middle, all fat, and my blood pressure and triglycerides went up way too high. Triglyceride level was 275, after being normal for years?good cholesterol was low.

    And just last Thursday, had my appt with the medicaid doc’s RN, and my BP (which had gone down with fish oil, vitamin E, and magnesium) is back up again. Sigh??. :)

    So?again, wondering if this all comes back to a long standing niacin deficiency, and also a vitamin C deficiency. I have the scurvy-ish corkscrew hairs on parts of my legs, and the many symptoms of B3 deficiency that Hoffer describes.

    Plus?just read last night that one of the causes of achlorhydria can be due to pellegra.


    Thanks again so much for your thoughtful replies. :)


    p.s. Maybe I should start a new thread on triglycerides…

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    Thank you for your in depth and thoughtful reply Celticphoenix — many good points, some which I’ve looked into, but perhaps not seriously enough.

    Yes, I think in hindsight, my worsening during the last 4 years or so is due not only to a ‘partial methylation block’ supplement protocol (all the rage in the CFS community for the last 6 years or so) which made my anxiety/irritability/and thus cortisol/adrenalin go crazy, worsening the muscle catabolism that showed up on a ‘NutrEval’ test from late 2010, but due to the fat intolerance issue which was kind of coming and going but is worse now — I’m sure that because I can’t eat much fat, that I’m no doubt not getting enough calories — which is probably causing me to break down more muscle for fuel, and reducing my ‘energy’ BIG time. !!!

    And good points about the copper/zinc issue. I was diagnosed back in late 2011 with a ‘hidden’ copper toxicity. Although I’m a little skeptical of the diagnosis, I did do a ‘zinc tally’ test, where one takes some liquid zinc, and if it has a strong metallic taste, then that suggests zinc sufficiency, but if there is no taste, then that supposedly means one is zinc deficient. My sister tasted it — and got the metallic taste instantly?but it just tasted like water to me.

    And I was taking both a zinc/copper supp at times, and also a copper-only supp at times prior to this (probably six months to a year before) and it _seemed_ like when I took the copper only, my anxiety went sky-high. So that’s kind of how I ended up with the copper toxicity specialist. I haven’t done the zinc tally test in over a year, so will try to get that again, but it was pricey. And I do go to my medicaid doc on thursday, so I’ll ask if they can test for copper, ceruoloplasmin and neutropenia. Medicaid docs are pretty worthless, but who knows?may be pleasantly surprised.

    Also, I’m going to ask about antibodies to parasites. My last two stool tests came back negative, but those buggers can be in the liver, pancreas, heart, etc., so will see how receptive he is to that.

    I have been taking the betaine HCL (8 per meal!) and also digestive enzymes?and still stomach and gut motility is slow. Some say there are enteroviruses in the stomach, and that the vagus nerve can be infected (which influences stomach acid production) so I could ask the doc about that too.

    Lastly, about a month back an herbalist friend in the UK suggested I take NADH to help with my poor krebs cycle results (also from 2-3 years ago). (I got so caught up in all the methylation stuff, and didn’t quite understand the importance of the krebs cycle, that I kind of put that aside.) But after reading more from Ben Lynch and others, they say if one is really sick, to fix the krebs stuff first, then proceed to methylation.

    So I got the NADH?hadn’t noticed very much of a difference, but was told to add niacin (its precursor) in higher doses. I was perhaps too cautious, as it wasn’t until last night that I got a ‘niacin flush’ — face got all hot, ears were burning (and bright red!), but I felt oddly a little better for a couple hours, and my sinuses cleared up quite a bit (something i haven’t mentioned, but has been no doubt interfering with digestion due to post nasal drip for years, and perhaps spreading the infection to other parts of my gut/body).

    So complicated. But have read that niacin is very helpful not only for lowering adrenalin levels, but also for raising good cholesterol, lowering the bad, and lowering elevated triglycerides. Mine were quite high after six months of eating more sugar?but maybe they would’ve been fine had I been taking niacin.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with fibromyalgia and CFS, but good to hear (as odd as it sounds) that it’s “only” been three years. I was doing “okay”, relatively speaking, until about 4-5 years ago. I could walk sometimes a mile every other day, sometimes 2 miles, maybe once a month. But ever since starting the methylation stuff (b12, different types of folates), and also I think I had/have salicylate and possibly other food intolerances/allergiesI went downhill.

    I don’t have fibro?at least not officiallly?but have felt like my FEET have it — that’s where I have that acidic like pain, and have found that vitamin E and also krill oil (and anything that helps circulation helps), but like all of us here, I would kill to get off of all these supplements and just be able to eat like everyone else!

    A hamburger with all the trimmings, pizza, ravioli, mashed potatoes?!

    Thanks again,


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    Hey Leighton,

    Thanks again for your reply. I meant to reply ages ago (time flies when you’re not having fun!), and can’t believe it’s already been more than 2 weeks?my apologies.

    I’m not sure if I have any RBC abnormalitiesI think my medicaid doc ruled out things like pernicious anemia (at least based on their lab’s norms), but that was a few years ago, and when I looked online, I was considered anemic for a male. But it is common with ME/CFS to have low blood volume and low RBC mass:

    I am eating salmon probably twice a week, and lately, sometimes I seem to tolerate a little bit of pumpkin seeds — for the parasites(?) — but like you say, we need saturated fats, and those I can’t seem to tolerate, with the exception of maybe one half-cup of LOW-fat ice cream every two weeks or so.

    Thanks too for your input re a possible parasite problem. SOMETHING has to be interfering with proper digestion and/or sucking my blood dry’so I’m trying to look into it, on limited funds. Thanks Leighton!

    And TrueVision — thank you as well for your input. I haven’t tried MCT oil in years?might be worth a shot?and also the Sierra Mist. I’ll have to look that up. I do worry if I have some sort of ‘syndrome-x-pre-diabetes thing’ though, as when I tried to do the full Matt protocol a year ago or so, my triglycerides shot up quite high, as did my blood pressure. So complicated isn’t it.

    Also I have thought about maybe lower back issues and pelvic bones putting pressure on the legs in an odd way. Was thinking about “gentle” chiropractic stuff — if there is such a thing — to help with that. And have wondered about my mattress as well?

    Anyway, I really appreciate your replies’thanks again. :)

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    Hi Leighton,

    Thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate it.

    I actually don’t have orthostatic intolerance, although I do suppose I have some symptoms of dysautonomia — like anxiety, delayed gastric emptying, and of course (more than) ‘excessive fatigue’.

    But no dizziness or faint feeling when standing, in fact my BP has gone up during the last 2 years or so as I increased my sugar intake. So I’ve countered that with magnesium, fish oil, and vitamin e, which brought it down to the normal range within about a month.

    This feeling (or sometimes lack of feeling) in my legs and feet is hard to describe, but it does feel worse when my blood vessels are constricted. So while I’ve read about the compression hose, I have a feeling that they would just make things worse but maybe I’m missing something, or misunderstanding something about them?

    It is quite common for peeps with ME/CFS to have orthostatic intolerance and dysautonomia, which I guess can come as a result of low blood volume, and yes, many have found compression hose very helpful. With my situation, it feels like not only low blood volume, but low blood levels — you know, like I’m about a quart low — not enough to go around?

    I’ve tested positive on 2 (out of 4) occasions for parasites over the last 11 years, and have recently found info that suggests that 90% of testing misses parasites, so am wondering if perhaps that might be an issue? Maybe I have parasites eating my food or screwing up digestion in some way — perhaps in the gallbladder(?) or liver or the gut as well?

    I know’that sounds like another scam diagnosis, but it just might be something worth pursuing??

    Thanks Leighton.

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    Hi Bananagirl,

    I thank you too for your kind reply. I have tried coconut oil, except the REFINED type (!), because I have a phenol/salicylate intolerance, or at least I’m 80% certain I have one. :)

    I do seem to tolerate tiny amounts’so perhaps if I try to slowly increase it it may help get the ball rolling.

    I do need to increase my body fat, not decrease it. So far though, the only place it ends up is around my middle?(due to the carbs and possible metabolic syndrome?)’the rest of me is skin and bones. 6’2″ and about 160 lbs, maybe less.

    Thanks again GB!

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    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for your reply. I’m sorry for my late reply, but I didn’t get any email notification (and the one I did get from Bananagirl ended up in my junk file!).

    The reason I believe I need more fat is that fats, including cholesterol are apparently essential for so many functions in the body. Plus, just the lack of fat is making my skin so dry, and I’m losing not only muscle, but have lost a lot of the ‘fat pads’ on the bottoms of my toes, my feet, and even in my fingers. I started taking pantothenic acid about a week ago, as one site said it’s essential for “fat production” (???) and am also trying lecithin and ox bile to see if that helps.

    Definitely getting as much starch as my (non-existing) appetite will allow, and also some occasional sugar, but when I tried increasing sugar in late 2012, early 2013, my triglycerides shot up (and my blood pressure, which has always been normal), so my medicaid doc gave me the standard lecture, and I actually took blood pressure meds for about 3 weeks until I was able to bring it down with fish oil, vitamin e and magnesium. The fish oil made me very sensitive to light, so had to cut back and now the BP is up again, although not as much.

    The medicaid doc does try her best, but is really hopeless as her hands are probably tied by government watching her every move, so I can ask about hormones, but not sure I can get to far with that. I do very much appreciate your input David?and again sorry for the late reply.

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    Thanks Erin for your reply — I appreciate it. I don’t know if you’re in so much of a different place at least when it comes to restless legs — you sound like you have the same issue as me, which I think is circulation related(?), but I can get it even during the day?in the morning, or at least by noon, if I have “too much” (which isn’t much at all) fat or “rich food”.

    I just this morning read the one needs pantothenic acid to metabolize fats, which is something I’ve avoided for 3 years on the recommendation from a ‘copper toxicity specialist’ (???), who said that pantothenic acid ‘stimulates’ the adrenals, and mine were already overstimulated.

    I’m guessing she was wrong. ???

    in reply to: No Appetite #14450

    Good question. I’ve had no appetite for almost a decade?have to take 8 betaine HCL’s with each meal just to get the food to move out of my stomach after 2-3 hours, and sometimes my motility is still very slow.

    Unfortunately, because of this, I have an extremely difficult time gaining weight. I’ve lost a lot of muscle over the last 2-3 years, and was too thin to begin with.

    Been to many docs?none of them can give any concrete advice (except to take the HCL and other digestive enzymes). But something must be causing thisuperhaps an infection of the vagus nerve? Or a lack of some nutrient that affects mitochondrial issues (a krebs cycle test did show problems, but the advice on correcting it has been very conflicting).

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

    in reply to: My Experience with MK-7 Vitamin K2 #14449


    I know this thread is ancient, but just wanted to let you know that dozens of peeps experienced the same palpitation issues over on ‘’ a year or two back, at least when they were taking the MK7 (and I think MK1?) versions — but like you, found that they had no problems with the MK4 version.

    I’d post a link, but they need your email and a password before reading anything on their site.

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