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    @j-lo, that sounds just like me, it’s just a vicious circle that thankfully I am now starting to de-construct. Trapped air – not wanting to eat much – low metabolism – more stress on the body – worse digestion…

    I am so glad to hear that you managed to conquer this with mainly improving your eating.

    I have been working a while on noticing my breathing habits, hence the Buteyko, as I too was overbreathing most of the time.

    I find light exercise has been working well for me and have realised one of my main stressors is sitting for hours at my desk job. It really messes my breathing up!

    So I am now working out what I need to change for the future. I will certainly look at general stress relief, releasing tension and relaxation as another layer to this.

    Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate your advice as somebody who has been there and got through it.

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    @j-lo, I was hoping you would post as you seemed to have experience of eating this way combined with Buteyko, I appreciate the long post and the wealth of info you have afforded me.

    I must admit the ONLY thing that has improved my health has been following Matt’s advice and although I recognise that Buteyko and increasing CO2 certainly works, it felt like I had to sacrifice eating more to work on the reduced breathing.

    I must admit I wasn’t up on the biology namely that CO2 was generated more with a higher metabolism so I will certainly be focusing more on food, sleep, exercise (which I am glad to say I have actually started to have the energy for) and doing Buteyko to supplement those rather than the main focus.

    I look forward to a time when “My chest, neck, shoulders, and abdominal muscles are entirely relaxed.” as my breathing seems to be all over the place at times. I find that most of the tension in this area is caused/exacerbated by eating and getting trapped wind/burps. Although when my temps are up, or I have been doing Buteyko, I find food goes down easier. Will this sort of thing improve with better metabolism?

    Thanks again.

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    Thanks Sirkama, there’s some great info there. So I guess looking at my overall health measurements is a better indicator that just using the CP?

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    I wonder if anybody can help me with the seemingly conflicting approaches of Eat the Food and the Buteyko Method?

    My situation is that for the last couple of years I have been feeling progressively more tired, anxious, down on life, cold hands and all the other usual symptoms described on this forum. Of course I have been searching all this time for a fix and have tried all sorts of ideas and techniques including Buteyko (which I learned from the internet, books etc rather than a practictioner).

    I found that doing the reduced breathing exercises worked to a certain extent and the carbon dioxide gains showed on my Control Pause improving but also feeling that it was not sustainable because to get these results I needed to not eat anything for hours on end, so soon after finishing the exercises my symptoms (especially the coldness) quickly returned. I struggle a lot with burping and trapped wind (especially if I’ve not eaten for a while) which seem to cause large fluctuations with the CP.

    So I kept searching and came across Matt and this website. I must say that his Eat The Food approach has been working well for me and I have noticed my temps, energy and happiness improving over the last few weeks of doing it.

    So why am I posting here today?

    Well I have still been monitoring my CP although only practicing like once a day and have noticed that my Control Pause (especially the Morning CP) has dropped dramatically since doing ETF and wonder if I should be concerned? As per the website if your morning CP is low you are having serious health problems and I wondered if eating loads more food is somehow masking the underlying low CO2 issue in my body? Most of the time I have food in my tummy so can’t really practice Buteyko but on the rare occasions I have not eaten for a while (i.e. like first thing in the morning) my symptoms seem to come back with a vengeance. Could the burping thing be causing the low CP? My normal breathing rate is a bit fast but quite low in volume.

    Thanks for any advice.


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