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  • in reply to: Real Amy Thread #12590

    Thomas-You are welcome, Sir.
    Yes, I certainly do appreciate her and I’m sure that many others do to.
    I too hope that you will reconsider leaving, as I enjoy your posts.
    That said, I do understand what you are saying, as I have had similar feelings about other forums in the past.
    If you still decide to leave, best of luck on your journey and I hope to see you again somewhere. :)

    TheRealAmy-You are most welcome! :)

    in reply to: Real Amy Thread #12549

    I am in complete agreement with you about TheRealAmy, Thomas.
    She is indeed a good sport and that is absolutely a pretty rare trait these days. :)

    That said, I am sorry to hear that you are leaving.
    The opportunity to engage in banter with you and Steven is the only motivation I have for posting here. I think that you are a funny dude, myself. (Maybe I should say “humorous dude.” I don’t want to create any more misconceptions.)
    BTW-You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to, of course, but I was wondering…
    You mentioned feeling like your jokes were getting stale and feeling “beat up.”
    Was this feeling perhaps initiated by your exchange with “Jennae” in the “How to Make Boobs Bigger” comment section?
    If so, don’t let her get you down, my Friend.
    FWIW-It seems to me that she could very well be one of the “Humor-Imparied persons” we have talked about previously.

    in reply to: Parody Ads #12546

    Well played, Sir.

    Maybe you could nickname it “Sputdick.” (Rimshot)

    in reply to: Parody Ads #12522

    Well, Thomas, I was going to say that I hope that it doesn’t come back to haunt you, particularly in light of the fact that I was the one that highlighted it here.
    However, having just read your response on the “Am I An Asshole?” thread, I realize that an unfortunate misconception has already been promulgated.

    Perhaps it would be advisable for you to take this opportunity to “nip it in the bud” and emphasize the fact that, since adding carbs back in to your diet, the “kite” rises faster than the national debt.
    It soars like an eagle now, right?
    Hear that, TheRealAmy? Like a damned eagle, I tell ya’!! :)

    in reply to: Am I an Asshole? #12520

    I’m sorry Thomas!
    I was only praising your excellent sense of humor.
    Damn! The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again.

    Maybe you could try changing your screen name to one that gives the ladies an entirely different impression.
    Sorry…”Ironrod” is already taken!

    in reply to: Parody Ads #12487

    An excellent suggestion, Thomas!
    You are a genius. You have come up with a plan that allowed the three of us to triple our respective fan-bases in one fell swoop!

    BTW-For any Thomas fans who may have missed the Thomas Seay Paleo Testamonial to which I referred above, here is the article in question:

    Look for Thomas about halfway down in the comments.

    in reply to: Parody Ads #12484

    Well, I think that you are funny, Thomas.
    To mention just one example, that comment you wrote a while back about your experiences with the Paleo Diet was truly hilarious!
    You make an excellent point in terms of perspective. It is true that some folks don’t even have one fan.
    Now I don’t feel so bad about having only one.

    I ask you, would an asshole go out of his way to offer such an encouraging thought? I think not. ;)

    in reply to: Parody Ads #12456

    I know what you mean Steven.
    I am my own biggest fan when it comes to humor.
    Unfortunately…I am also my ONLY fan. ;)

    in reply to: Am I an Asshole? #12455

    I vote: NO.
    I don’t think that you are an asshole, Thomas.
    I think that you are just a guy.
    I realize that some would say that those terms are synonymous, but I do not.
    Granted, some guys ARE assholes, but not all.

    Unfortunately, thanks to the infamous Mitch McConnell comparison photo of 2013,
    I am painfully aware of the fact that you do HAVE an asshole.

    in reply to: Parody Ads #12262

    You’re right about that Thomas.
    We can’t even buy a visit from TheRealAmy, for instance.
    Maybe we should drop the cover charge.
    Oh wait…

    in reply to: Parody Ads #12219

    No problem Steven.
    We have been doing our best to carry on during your absence.
    It’s good to see you back, though.

    in reply to: Parody Ads #11781

    Sadly, Thomas, you are right. They do indeed exist. The great Dave Barry referred to them as “humor-impaired persons.”
    It’s ironic that you mentioned your “incest joke” situation in order to illustrate the difference between you, a person with a sense of humor, versus those folks who are humor impaired and can’t laugh at anything, because I was also going to use a similar, personal example.
    I have been overweight my whole life (except for two brief periods wherein I followed extreme diets and managed to get *almost* lean) and was ridiculed for it all through school. As a result, I have almost zero self esteem and an eating disorder. But you know what? If someone tells a fat joke, and it is funny, I am going to laugh. Like you, I am not a humor-impaired person.

    BTW-It was very kind of you to try to help that humor-impaired person understand that you were just kidding around on the Amish Group forum.

    Once again, my friend, I am in complete agreement with you. This forum is indeed populated by a number of excellent examples of my very favorite species, The Goddess.
    I, too, enjoy the fact that new pics are popping up regularly.
    That said, I must say that I am still anxiously awaiting the day that TheRealAmy will choose to add her own contribution and bless us with a digital representation of her feminine beauty. :)

    in reply to: Parody Ads #11764

    Jezz. Some people have no sense of humor. I just don’t get that.
    BTW-Speaking of humor, I enjoyed some of your posts over there.

    in reply to: Parody Ads #11717

    Hey Thomas!
    I found the perfect woman in the very first post that I read:

    “Congratulations on the latest barn-raising – it looks just fine here!
    My melons are positively ripening at the thought of our new home!

    I think we should have a sausage eating competition in honour of the
    occasion. What do all you brothers and sisters think?



    in reply to: Parody Ads #11716

    Sounds interesting, Thomas.
    I’ll check them out.
    Thanks. :)

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