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    It’s insane to me that Danny Roddy is passing himself along as a Ray Peat “interpreter”, when he is totally mis-interpreting the wonderful research of Ray Peat.

    Charging $47 or whatever the price is for his Peat Whisperer book, when half of the suggestions are totally against what Ray Peat stands for.

    What I have gotten from my understanding of Ray’s writing, lectures and my communications with him, is that you need to try to keep your intestinal irritation to a minimum, because this is the basis of good health. Things that damage your gut like nuts, seeds, most vegetables and so on, should be avoided. Yes, they have PUFA, but they also irritate your gut, which leads to increased estrogen, and a whole other mess up symptoms.

    A diet of fruit, dairy, eggs, gelatin, organ meats, shellfish, potatoes, and things like coconut oil and butter, are easily digested, don’t cause intestinal distress, and are ideal foods for the human species.

    Where the whole thing comes in, with drinking 6 cups of coffee, popping 10 aspirin, dousing everything with salt and sugar, drinking quarts upon quarts of milk and OJ, and so on, is sheer madness. Not at all what he suggests or recommends.

    What I ate today:
    Sambazon Acai Juice, 2 TBSP Gelatin
    Grass Fed Beef, fresh mozzarella cheese, coffee, cream, coconut sugar.
    Chicken Breast pan fried in refined coconut oil, 2 cups skim milk.
    Pre-workout, I had a Starbucks Refreshers can (which is just carbonated water, fruit juice blend, green coffee bean extract, ginseng, and b-vitamins)
    3 eggs in coconut oil, 2 cups of fresh orange juice, 2 TBSP gelatin

    Roughly 2350 calories, got about 150g protein. Tasted great. Had super, balanced energy all day long. Worked out with weights for an hour. Temp was 98.2. All good.

    Chicken Breast is supposed to be so high in PUFA, right? Well, my skinless, boneless chicken breast had 3g of fat. So my PUFA was about 1 potato chip worth, if that.

    Also, I drink coffee because I love how it tastes, not because Ray Peat said so. I have been drinking coffee for a decade before I ever even heard of Ray Peat. I drink Valley of the Moon, shade grown, organic coffee.

    in reply to: Let's Talk Shit About Ray Peat #16650

    Personally, I think Ray Peat is a weird genius. His research is groundbreaking and fascinating. It’s Danny Roddy that screwed the whole perception of Ray Peat up. I’ll explain..

    I have heard Ray Peat lecture before, that brown rice is a great food, as long as you soak it beforehand. So, brown rice should be on the “Ray Peat” diet, shouldn’t it?

    I have emailed back and forth with Ray Peat a number of times. Told me flat out that you should only use white sugar as a supplement in times of stress, but otherwise, it’s demineralizing and to avoid it. Yet Danny Roddy sugars the shit out of everything. He even posted a YouTube video on how to boil sugar and add it to your milk. Calls it “anti-stress milk”. Come on, man. Talk about misinterpreting Ray’s research.

    You also have to use a little common sense when you’re applying Ray’s principles. Raspberries contain a high percentage of PUFA, but you can eat a 5 lb bucket full of raspberries and get less overall fat than a handful of potato chips. So avoiding raspberries is actually insane.

    It’s just little things like that. Ray Peat is a fan of orange juice and there have been times where he has drank a gallon of it in a day, when he was in Mexico and didn’t have access to good fruit. It doesn’t mean that he drinks a gallon of it a day, or recommends doing it. But Danny Roddy jumped right on that one, saying to drink 2 quarts of OJ a day, or whatever he says. Drinking 2 quarts of OJ per day is insane. It’s unnatural, unhealthy, and you’re asking for trouble by doing so. Ray Peat doesn’t recommend it. Danny Roddy THINKS he does.

    People eat gummy bears, bugles, and all kinds of crazy crap on the “Ray Peat Diet”. I emailed Ray about this and he suggests to make your own Gummy Bears by mixing fruit juice, hot water, and gelatin together and putting it in the fridge. Not to buy commercial bears with added sugar, artificial colors, wax, and all kinds of crap in them.

    Basically, he recommends a fruit, dairy, meat, shellfish diet, which is a wholesome, healthy diet. He likes to drink coffee too. He never said to drink 6 cups a day. He said he experimented with it and got it a very high metabolic state, but he doesn’t RECOMMEND it. Another thing that Danny Roddy totally misinterpreted.

    The Peat Whisperer sure doesn’t listen to Ray Peat very well.

    in reply to: Hypothyroidism – Under Active Thyroid #15979

    Most of the time, thyroid conditions are not from the actual thyroid gland itself, but it’s a liver disorder. There are some cases where the actual thyroid gland is messed up, but in the majority of cases, it’s due to a malfunctioning liver.

    4-5 cups of fluid is probably too much. I usually drink 2-3 cups or less. There have been days where it was really cold outside where I didn’t even drink 8 ounces of fluid.

    Try cutting your fluid intake in half, and I bet you see a difference in your body temp and digestion. Try to ONLY drink when really thirsty, and when you do, just take a few sips. Just enough to quench your thirst. Anymore is overkill.

    I also had to reduce my sugar intake to a minimal amount to heal my metabolism. Some people say the opposite. But that was definitely the case for me.

    in reply to: Raising body temp with wholefoods? #15976

    I recovered by eating whole foods. I tried the whole processed food/junk food/eat whatever you want approach, and I had way too many ups and downs.

    I have predictable, steady temperatures with whole foods. My lunch today was a massive plate of brown rice (soaked for 8 hours before cooking) and 93% lean beef, heated on a wok with refined coconut oil and lots of pink sea salt. Squirted a little Sriracha in there to taste.

    Breakfast was 3 GIGANTIC homemade whole grain waffles with blueberries mixed into the batter (no syrup — makes me cold), 2 cage free eggs, 2 pieces of turkey bacon.

    I have drank about 6 ounces of total fluid today in the 6 hours I have been awake. Have urinated once, and it was nice and yellow. The less I drink, the better off I usually am. I probably won’t exceed 16 ounces of fluid today. Probably less.

    My dinner will probably also be brown rice, but I have a lot of salmon I need to use up. I will be sure to salt the heck out of it and drink very little fluid, and I still stay nice and toasty.

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    in reply to: Unable to sweat…PLEASE HELP!! #15975

    I used to go to the gym all of the time and never break one bead of sweat. Despite doing taxing exercises like squats, deadlifts, etc. Occasionally I might get a little red faced, but never sweat. It was crazy. But it was all directly related to my super low body temp (usually 96.8 to 97.1).

    When I started focusing more on starch, salt and saturated fat, my body temp got in the 98’s and I started sweating normally.

    Do you know how good it felt when I actually had to wipe sweat off my forehead? It felt like I accomplished something great, just by sweating. Now it’s normal for me, but I know where you’re at.

    in reply to: Better metabolism without gluten? #15974

    I feel basically zero difference between having gluten and not having gluten in my diet. I actually feel worse from gluten free pasta, than normal pasta. Way worse.

    For me and my body, it’s all about starch, sugar, saturated fats, and animal protein (mainly beef, bison, deer, and eggs). Starch rules for me. My body thrives off of it. Sugar drops my body temp.

    in reply to: Water questions #15973

    I drink water when I’m working out. Otherwise, I usually drink Goat’s Milk or Club Soda. I’ll sip water occasionally if it’s hot out and I’m sweating. Fruit juice and soda drop my body temp, so I avoid those.

    in reply to: When did you see improvements? #15972

    It took me 3-4 months of tinkering around with my diet to finally figure out what works for me. For me, I have to really keep my sugar intake low. Sugar drops my body temp at warp speed. Liquid sugar especially. Mexican cokes, syrup, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, OJ, you name it, drops my temp very quickly. Sugar in food doesn’t do it as quickly, but I still need to avoid it for the most part.

    So, 3-4 months I was up and down, back and forth. After that time, I realized I had to stick with starch, saturated fats, salt, and proteins. Very, very little sugar. Since I did this, my temps have stabilized. I am 98.2 to 98.7 throughout the day, like clockwork. But, even now, after doing this for 3 months, a little sugar, even 3 sips of Mexican Coke, and my body temp drops anywhere from a half to a full degree. I just avoid sugar for the most part.

    in reply to: when things aren't working #15971

    I had a lot of trial and error after reading Diet Recovery 2. A few of the suggestions didn’t work, a few worked great.

    For me, the less fluid in my diet, the better. I am instantly cold when I have a lot of fluid, especially fluid with potassium in it. I have classic salt deficiency symptoms from drinking gallons of water per day for 15 years.

    I also noticed, I do very poorly with sugar. I do way better with starches than sugars. Mexican cokes, Gatorade, Sierra Mist, all of the fluids he recommends aggravate my condition and make me ice cold. Even syrup on pancakes. Not good. I get cold instantly.

    I eat pancakes just slathered with grass fed butter and with blueberries mixed into the batter. No syrup. I eat a lot of grains (which I soak prior to eating), I eat A LOT of pizza. Pizza is probably the most balancing food that I eat. It’s delicious, warming, nourishing, and I feel grounded after I eat it.

    I stick to the S’s that Matt talks about, but sugars make me cold. I stick to starches, saturated fats, and salt, VERY seldomly eating sugar. A little bit here and there is ok, but when I make it a regular thing, wham, my body temperature drops half to a full degree. I can be rocking 98.4, then drop to 97.4 with 3 sips of Mexican Coke. It’s really quite incredible.

    So that was my trial and error. I am happy to say that I have been in the 98’s for a good 3 months steady eating this way. I experimented for 3 months with different amounts of sugar but finally found my sweet spot. So 6 months total, I know what works for my body and what doesn’t.

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