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Books that I read in 2008 (top 5 highlighted in red)

The Master Cleanser Stanley Burroughs
On the Edge of the Primeval Forest Albert Schweitzer
Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution Robert C. Atkins
Eating Right for a Bad Gut James Scala
The South Beach Diet Arthur Agatston
The No-Grain Diet Joseph Mercola
Killer Diets Laura Muha
The Thyroid Solution Ridha Arem
Syndrome X Jack Challem
The Good Carbohydrate Revolution Terry Shintani
The Rosedale Diet Ron Rosedale
Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy Walter Willett
The Midlife Miracle Diet Adele Puhn
Studies in Deficiency Disease Robert McCarrison
Not By Bread Alone Vihljamur Stefansson
*The Work of Sir Robert McCarrison Robert McCarrison
Perfect Weight Deepak Chopra
The Shangri-La Diet Seth Roberts
Fat Land Greg Critser
Diabesity Francine Kaufman
Lights Out (2) T.S. Wiley and Bent Formby
The Nutrient Dense Eating Plan Douglas Margel
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Tom Venuto
*The Age-Free Zone (2) Barry Sears
Syndrome X Gerald Reaven
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life Daniel G. Amen
Achieving the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection Brian Luke Seaward
The Bodybuilder’s Nutrition Book Franco Columbo
*Your Body is Your Best Doctor Melvin Page
Cure Tooth Decay Ramiel Nagel
The Anti-Inflammation Zone Barry Sears
Dr. Ellis’s Ultimate Diet Secrets Lite Gregory Ellis
Stopping Inflammation Nancy Appleton
The Sexy Years Suzanne Somers
The China Study T. Colin Campbell
A New IBS Solution Mark Pimentel
Letter on Corpulence William Banting
A Life Unburdened Richard Morris
The Autoimmune Epidemic Donna Jackson Nakazawa
Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution Richard Bernstein
Toxic Fat Barry Sears
Protein Power Michael and Mary Dan Eades
The Ketogenic Diet John M. Freeman
The Omega Rx Zone (audio) Barry Sears
Natural Health and Weight Loss Barry Groves
Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes
The Inflammation Syndrome Jack Challem
This Slimming Business John Yudkin
The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet Herman Tarnower
Solved: The Riddle of Heart Disease Broda Barnes
Sweet and Dangerous John Yudkin
Potatoes, Not Prozac Kathleen DesMaisons
Obesity M.R.C. Greenwood, editor
The Potbelly Syndrome Russell Farris and Per Marin